Help Me (OsirisGuide) Get My YouTube Channel Back!

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For those that are unaware, on September 6th 2014, my YouTube account was suddenly closed without warning or explanation. One of my Clash of Clans tutorials was maliciously flagged by a YouTube user, and it seemed to have worked. My account was automatically closed due to “community guidelines violations”. No further specifics were given.

Along with the account went over 50 Clash of Clans guides (along with over 100 video guides for other games), many of which were embedded on this website. While I have uploaded some of these video guides to a mirror site (DailyMotion) as a short-term solution, I would love to get my YouTube account back online.

How Can You Help?

I have created a petition at Sign the petition here, then let @YouTube know you signed it by retweeting the tweet below.

I’m hoping this will get someone at YouTube’s attention so they can open my account back up. I have filed an appeal through YouTube’s appeal system, but have not heard back and there is no timeline for review.

The more people that sign the petition and tweet YouTube, the faster I can get my account back online and get back to uploading new great videos and content. Sign it and share it with your friends. Let’s get this done together!

Why YouTube?

If you are wondering why I want to stay on YouTube even after the sudden and unjust account closure, know that I am not angry with YouTube. With millions of users, they do not have the resources to manually and thoroughly investigate every report. Malicious users abusing and attacking content creators via the flag system is inevitable. I just want my account reinstated quickly so I can get back to uploading great content for all of you.

YouTube has the best platform for gaming videos. Despite dealing with the hassle of the sudden account closure, YouTube has been very supportive of the gaming community in general whereas other platforms have not.

YouTube also has the largest community and best platform for video discovery. YouTube and this site are very symbiotic – website users were finding and subscribing to my channel, whereas channel subscribers were finding and following this website. The cross-exposure I was able to receive via YouTube is unparalleled.

Take Action

Help me get my account back online. Sign the petition at Tweet @YouTube and let them know you signed the petition, you were a fan of my channel, and you want the closure investigated.

18 thoughts on “Help Me (OsirisGuide) Get My YouTube Channel Back!

  1. ArguedOyster57

    Osiris, buddy! No offense but I don’t think there’s enough traffic through this website to get you up to your goal (people are too selfish and arrogant these days). 5000 signatures is also kinda a lot. The only possibility of getting all those signatures, that I can think of, is to actually go out and start hunting for them.

    The Youtube comments sections to major Youtubers (Godson, PlayClashofClans, M0lt, MasterOv, ClashofClansAttacks, ClashonCam, NoteworthyGames, etc.) are a good place to start and you might even meet some old fans who are loyal to the cause. Although for that you might want to make another account that’s also titled “Osiris” since your old account is blocked.

    I’d also suggest posting on the COC forums. Although the community on it is absolutely GREAT, very few people on it are actually extremely active. But, nevertheless, some officials on it might just have the power and edge to get your petition over the edge. I’m trying to get some of my friends on the forums to sign the petition too. If you are reluctant to make a Supercell forums account talk to me in a reply to this comment and I might be able to help you. However, some idiot mods on it might just suspend me for “advertising.”

    Another thing that you could do is to browse around on the Clash of Clans websites (Allclash, clashofclansbuilder, clashofclans-tools, clashofclans.wikia, etc.) and other mobile gaming websites (Gamezone, VentureBeat, etc.) or such that do extensive reporting on COC. The comment sections are usually a little too crowded with hate spam and morons, but in this dire circumstance, that’s the only possible way t go about. The wikia page,, might offer the best results since the community there is also GREAT and mods and active users frequently browse through the comments. If you haven’t already, make a new account and post some useful base designs and strategies before you go to request help. However, you might be more successful if you already had an active account and frequently added good material, but it’s never too late to start 😉

    Again, I wish you the best of luck, my friend.

    1. admin Post author

      Sure 5,000 is a lot, but I don’t think the petition needs to reach 5,000 to actually get sent to YouTube. It looks like I’m going to get about 30 a day, so if I can get up to 500 or so in 2 weeks, I think that will be significant enough to attract some attention (I hope).

  2. ArguedOyster57

    Oh yeah, buddy, I forgot to add one thing.

    If you’re unable to get your account back in a month or so, Youtube might just decide to freeze it forever or whatnot (I don’t really know). If that’s the case I don’t recommend you create another Youtube account or even Vimeo (*shudder) or DailyMotion (*even worse shudder). The best alternative would probably be Twitch. That probably has the best audience and will give you the viewership to build another account.

    Side note: Twitch has recently announced that it will be acquired by for $970 million. Since Amazon and Google are the two most powerful internet companies (aside from maybe facebook or alibaba) with EXTREMELY high alexa and quantcast rankings, you can be sure this is gonna be a duel to see who owns the next generation of internet creative content. While I still think the best option is to get your old account back and not have to go through the arduous process of building another subscribership, do not be afraid to take new risks and venture out farther than any other Clasher has done before!*

    *Note: That part is untrue. Many clashers already have twitch accounts, most notably: Godson, NoteworthyGames, and ChiefPat.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the suggestions. I actually looked into all of those alternatives. I even paid for a Vimeo premium subscription, only to find out that they don’t allow gaming videos, at all. DailyMotion seems to randomly deny and approve videos (not sure what the deal is there) and doesn’t work on as many mobile devices, whereas pretty much every smartphone and tablet is YouTube ready.

      I looked into Twitch, and Twitch (at least currently) does not permanently store videos. It only does streaming and temporary storage. They even have a “YouTube Exporter” built in so you can permanently save your archives or highlights on YouTube if you want.

      I’d start a new YouTube channel if I had to, but I don’t want to do so while currently under suspension. I don’t want the new account to get closed because this issue was never resolved.

  3. ArguedOyster57

    Dude seriously though. Do you live in Greenland or something because your timezone is completely out of the US (which is were I live).

    1. admin Post author

      No, I live in EST time zone. I think WordPress by default uses greenwich mean time which is why you are seeing odd timestamps.

  4. ironmish

    First time I get this level of excited playing CoC because helping somebody for a good cause.
    Good Luck Osiris. I will help you to spread the news to my friends.
    Keep up your excellent works.

  5. Wazzbuzz

    Signed!!! Best of luck in getting your account back. It is extremely helpful to a lot of people, including myself.
    Thanks for all for all help you provided.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks a lot! I filed another reconsideration request today with the petition, so we’ll see what happens.

  6. Mama

    I found your th5 Farming defense base layout through Google a couple weeks ago. I chose to use it because your explanations were so thorough. I came back to it today to share it w/ my husband. I wish I could subscribe to your YouTube account. I wanted to offer you my point of view. As I am typing this, there is an ad above to the right that prevents me from allowing my children to view your content. There are many young kids like my kindergartener, 3rd, and 5th graders, and their friends that play coc. Now my husband and I are playing coc because our kids got us hooked, haha! There are parents and grandparents out there who are not so tech-impaired that they don’t know what their kids can be exposed to online. They know just enough to be dangerous to creators like you if one of the ads you have little control over is something they find offensive. I don’t know if there was any such advertising on your YouTube channel. I don’t know whether your channel was flagged by a protective parent, a rival channel creator, a gamer who was frustrated that your followers were annihilating their clan, an angry ex, etc. I do know that you will get more subscribers from family members like ours (and there are millions more than the media would have you believe) if you build a squeaky-clean reputation. It would be wonderful if a creator with such a large following would stand up to whoever it is that controls the ad content.

    1. admin Post author

      My YouTube account was closed and still has been closed with no explanation, which is why you can’t subscribe. I don’t know why they closed it.


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