Clash of Clans Wall Breaker Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

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A player’s use of the Wall Breaker in Clash of Clans is highly indicative of their skill and army composition mastery. New or low-skill players will not use Wall Breaker, moderately skilled players will use Wall Breakers but use too many, whereas great players will use just the right amount of Wall Breakers to get the job done.

In this guide to the Wall Breaker, I will not only discuss important stats (such as how many Wall Breakers it takes to break down a given wall), but I will also reveal how to perfectly deploy the Wall Breaker so that you can fit into the great player category.

Wall Breaker Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 2 minutes
Supply Cost: 2
Movement Speed: 24
Targets: Ground (area splash)
Preferred Target: Walls (40x Damage)
Barracks Required: Level 5

LevelDamage Per SecondAttack SpeedDamage vs WallsHitpoints
1121 attack per second48020
2161 attack per second64024
3241 attack per second96029
4321 attack per second128035
5461 attack per second184042
6601 attack per second240054
LevelTraining CostUpgrade CostLaboratory LevelTown Hall Requirement

Number of Wall Breakers (by level) Required to Break Down a Wall

Note that the Wall Breaker does 40 times its base “damage per second” to enemy Walls upon explosion. Here is a table outlining the most important Wall Breaker metric to know: the amount of Wall Breakers it takes to break down any given level of enemy wall:

 Wall Breaker Level 1Wall Breaker Level 2Wall Breaker Level 3Wall Breaker Level 4Wall Breaker Level 5Wall Breaker Level 6
Wall Level 1111111
Wall Level 2211111
Wall Level 3221111
Wall Level 4221111
Wall Level 5332211
Wall Level 6543221
Wall Level 7643222
Wall Level 8754322
Wall Level 9975432
Wall Level 101296533
Wall Level 1115118643

Wall Breakers have low-health but move fairly fast. The biggest vulnerability of the Wall Breaker is that when it reaches a wall, it will pause for one second before exploding. If it is killed by an enemy tower before exploding, the Wall Breaker will not explode and will be lost. Archer Towers typically will 1-shot a Wall Breaker, assuming the player you are attacking has kept up with upgrades. Big Bombs and Mortar Shots are also common killers of Wall Breakers.

CoC Wall Breaker Strategy

Wall Breakers are naturally the only unit in the game which specifically target walls, something that they do very well. However, note that the Wall Breaker has a long training time (2 minutes for a 2 supply unit) and is on the expensive side.

Deploying Wall Breakers Safely

Since Wall Breakers are expensive, you need to deploy them safely in order to make sure each one goes off and hits its target wall. In order to drop them safely, you both need to trigger initial traps as well as drop tanking units. The Giant makes for the ideal tanking unit. Drop 1-2 Giants and when the Cannons and Archer Towers start to focus on the Giants, drop your Wall Breakers. Make sure to time your Wall Breaker deployment in between Mortar shots so that the Wall Breakers do not get hit by Mortars.

Note that at Town Hall 7 I do recommend a Barbarian, Archer, and Wall Breaker combination for farming, which means you will not have a Giant available to tank for the Wall Breaker. In this case, make sure you have 10 Barbarians out there tanking, as a few Barbarians will get killed long before the Wall Breakers can make it to the enemy’s wall and explode.

When you deploy Wall Breakers, try to deploy the minimum number required as indicated by the table earlier in this guide. If a wall requires two Wall Breakers to take down, make sure you drop both at the same time with good timing. You can drop 2 Wall Breakers, pause for 1.5 seconds, then drop 2 more if there is heavy enemy fire. This will ensure you take down the wall without both of your pairs of Wall Breakers getting destroyed by Mortar fire. It also ensures that if all 4 Wall Breakers survive, the first two will attack the first wall, whereas the second pair will take down another wall.

Wall Breakers for Farming

As noted above, Wall Breakers take a long time to train and cost a lot of Elixir. Consider that ten level-5 Wall Breakers will run 30,000 Elixir and take 20 minutes for one Barracks to train – a similar Elixir and supply cost to a Dragon! As a result, I do not recommend farming with them before Town Hall 7. At Town Hall 6 and below, you are better off just using Archers and Barbarians and not trying to break down too many walls.

Due to their cost, you have to be very careful with your Wall Breaker usage if you want to farm efficiently. At Town Hall 7 and above, I recommend keeping 8-10 Wall Breakers trained and ready with your army, but just because you have them trained does not mean you have to use them. You want to carry this many Wall Breakers because they are useful if you run into a well-defended Dark Elixir storage or a particularly lucrative enemy base, but you do not want to burn through them just because you have them. Even if you can get away with just using 6 instead of all 10, you will save a significant amount of time and Elixir.

Wall Breakers for War Armies

Wall Breakers are very useful for war armies in Clash of Clans if you are using ground troops (other than Hog Riders). You would use them in the same way you would with a farming army – to break down walls and access the center portion of the enemy’s base.

You want to use the Wall Breakers earlier in the battle rather than later. Once you take out most of an enemy’s base, there are less towers up dealing less damage to your army, allowing them to more easily break down enemy walls.

Wall Breakers and the Rage Spell

If you run into a very lucrative enemy base or are battling in a War and plan to use the Rage Spell (or multiple Rage spells), be sure to adjust your Wall Breaker usage. A Rage Spell will not only allow the Wall Breaker to get to a wall and blow up faster, but the damage boost also often means that a single Wall Breaker will be able to take down a target enemy wall. If you are planning on using a Rage Spell or two, you can take down most of an enemy’s walls with around just 10 Wall Breakers.

Wall Breakers As a Clan Castle Unit

Wall Breakers are among the most hated units to use in the Clan Castle. They do little damage to regular units, since their 40x bonus damage to walls only. Even though they deal splash damage when they explode, the damage is so light that it hardly matters. Most of the time the Wall Breaker will not even go off since it takes a full second for them to pop.

4 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Wall Breaker Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

  1. CanCel84

    I normally spam 5 wall breakers at once, since defenses can only target one at a time. First 2 get killed, mortar is in the air, they blow up and the mortar is too slow to hit the wall breaker.

    1. admin Post author

      Prefer to just have a Giant tank. That way, you proc any traps with the Giant (big bomb will wreck your day if it takes out 5 wbs). It’s also cheaper to use 1 giant + 2 wbs versus 5 WBs; it costs both a supply less to use the giant, and about 6000 less elixir (depending on level)


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