Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Best Farming Defense Base Layout

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In Clash of Clans, base layouts sacrificing the Town Hall (and other non-functional structures on defense) in order to better protect storage units are called farming bases. Having a great farming base layout at Town Hall 4 and above will help prevent losing too many resources to enemy attacks. Over time, a good farming base layout will save you millions of resources.

Recommended TH4 Farming Base Layout: Video Guide

Here is a video guide showing the base in action. This will give you a good idea of how the setup works and what level of attacks it is likely to hold off.

Defensive Strategies at Town Hall 4 in CoC by CoCGuides

Town Hall 4 Farming Defense Setup: Screenshot & Discussion

Here is a still picture of the best base layout at Town Hall 4 so you can copy it for yourself:


As you can see, the primary strategy of this base is to protect the Mortar and storage units while placing your two cannons and archer towers on the perimeter of the base. The walls around the cannons and archer towers sticking out makes it difficult for Wall Breakers to break into the center. Of course, you can still get swarmed by larger numbers of Barbarians and Archers.

Note the air defense is sitting on the outside of the base. This happens for two reasons. Firstly, players do not get access to the Healer until TH6. TH6 players rarely attack TH4 players due to the loot penalty. The only air unit at this level is the Balloon, which is rarely used. Sitting on the outside of your walls is actually a useful position, as it draws Giants to it rather than letting the Giants start hammering on your walls.

However, the real reason for keeping the Air Defense tower on the outside of the base is that it takes a full day to upgrade. It does not take more than a few days in the first place to max out a TH4 base, so there is no point in incorporating it inside your base when it is under construction most of the time.

The biggest weakness of this base is just higher level players. A TH5 player with 3 army camps can make mass Archers and Barbarians. Archers can take out your archer towers and cannons from behind their walls, leaving only the mortar. While the Mortar is a great tower, a single Mortar is not going to defend against a swarm of Barbarians and Archers that have been spread out. You will also see TH5 players using mass Giants and Wall Breakers, another tough combo to stop at this level.

The good thing is that TH4 players (or below) will not be able to clear this base nor get access to most of your resources.

What About Trophy Bases?

I am not going to discuss the best trophy base at this level, as protecting your trophies at Town Hall 4 is a meaningless exercise – you simply cannot do it. You barely have any towers at this level; even with a full maxed base, you will get wiped pretty easily by a halfway decent TH5 or above.

At Town Hall 5, players get access to an extra army camp, which will allow them to wipe you out with even an all Barbarian army. Your best bet instead is to try and protect some of your resources. With the base recommended in this section, you can often can lose 80% of your base and still keep over half of your resources.

16 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Best Farming Defense Base Layout

  1. Matthew

    Hi. Great base and thanks for the video, just a quick question. If I am only able to check my game 2-3 times per day will this layout work for me because I am worried that my gold mines and elixir collectors outside the walls will cause me to loose significant loot. Thanks.

    1. admin Post author

      If you can check the game 2-3 times per day, your collectors will not amass enough loot to be worried about their protection. Maybe if you could only check it once per day would that become a concern.

  2. Cherry

    I’m using this setup currently and I have problems with bombers at the wall corners before the joints, because they destroy the joint to the resource pocket too because of the spalsh damage. Maybe it is ok against tier 1 units, but the bombers just take out the walls to both the cannon/archer pocket and the resource pocket too at ease. Since I’m planning on TH5, I don’t think I change anything, because against most attacks it works fine.

    1. admin Post author

      Not much you can do against someone who is willing to spend a lot on bombers at th4. Should be minority of attacks; don’t worry about it.

  3. Kasun

    is it ok if i place this same kind of structure not in the middle of the map but in the corner of the map.because at that point i only have to worry bout two sides.isn’t this a good?i’m just a beginner to this game.

    1. admin Post author

      No, enemy players can drop for a few spaces around the edges of the map where you can’t place buildings. You cannot stop players from being able to attack your base from all 4 sides.

  4. PK

    I’m also using the set up currently, but my base is maxed out and currently upgrading to TH 5, which then I will plan on using this design, I’ve used the clockwork design before and it is very effective.

    With the TH4 base, while I am using this same exact method, I have decided to put the townhall outside instead of the 2 elixir blocking it. The reason why I put TH outside is because for those who do TH sniping, I can get a free shield easily without having to lose more resources. Where as if the two elixir is blocking it, the attacker would have to attack the 2 elixir first and then get to the townhall.

      1. pk

        You know, I never thought of that. Thanks. I guess I won’t be using the clockwork base then. Is there any other suggestions? I would like to make my base as a farming base. I’ve looked at the th 5 on this webpage, but I would like to try something different, if that matters. I’m wondering if clashofclansbuilder is okay to use when getting ideas?

        1. admin Post author

          No other suggestions than what is on the website. The lack of good low TH defense set ups was one of the things that inspired me to make the site. Clash of Clans Builder is good for testing out builds and sharing them, but there is no easy way to vet whether or not other players’ builds are effective.


    Great advice. Thank you. I have one question. I don’t seem to have enough wall to do this. I have used all the wall available (75 I think) but have a few gaps (which I have plugged with bombs etc). I seem to have moved everything as close together as possible etc. When you did this did you have sufficient wall?

    1. admin Post author

      Yes, I’m not sure where your lacking. Many other people have used this layout successfully now so I’m not sure why you are running out of walls.

      1. Joseph

        I too am missing walls, but only 1. What I do is a version of funneling where i put bombs and spring pads on two of the outside corners. i find this works better than having a wall there. At least if its only a level 3 or below wall.

      2. T

        I had the same issue, but figured it out. The TH4 is using up the last wall on the top left archer tower. Hard to tell by the picture, just count the number of individual walls (3) and (1) spring trap and you will see what I mean


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