Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Upgrade Order Guide: TH7 Priorities

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Going from Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 7 is one of the biggest upgrades in Clash of Clans. This Town Hall level brings with it a huge number of new towers and upgrades, often leading players to a lot of confusion and indecision over which building or upgrade to get first. In this guide, we will be discussing which upgrades should get priority and what exactly you should be focusing on first to maximize your advancement through this Town Hall level.

Builder #1: Laboratory –> Spell Factory

Your first free builder should be used to start the Laboratory upgrade. The level 5 Laboratory unlocked at Town Hall 7 is capable of researching level 4 upgrades for most of your core units, making it your most important upgrade at Town Hall 7.

Once this first builder is done upgrading the Laboratory, start level 4 Archer or Barbarians as your first priority for Elixir spending. Once you start that upgrade and have enough spare elixir, take this newly freed builder and start upgrading the Spell Factory.

Builder #2: Army Camp –> Barracks –> Barracks Level 2 –> Army Camp Upgrades

At Town Hall 7, you get a new Army Camp. This additional Army Camp is one of the easiest ways to increase your offensive firepower. Build this new Army Camp as your second order of business after starting your Laboratory.

This new Army Camp will only take a few minutes to build. Once it finishes, use the newly freed builder #2 to start your new Barracks. Upgrade this Barracks to level 2. This will not take very long. This Barracks will now be able to significantly boost production and pump out Archers or Barbarians to help you farm faster.

As soon as the level 2 Barracks finishes, take Builder #2 and go back to the new Army Camp. Do not stop upgrading the Army Camp with this builder until the Army Camp is maxed out.

Builder #3: Walls –> Dark Elixir Storage

Given that your builders will be working on elixir-based upgrades for awhile, you should start to build up a lot of gold. Before starting any structures with your third builder, go ahead and place all of your new walls at Town Hall 7. You get 50 new walls at TH7, so there should be plenty to spend your gold on here.

After placing your walls, use this builder to start your Dark Elixir Storage. While it may seem strange to place this non-offensive building as a top priority, understand that without it, you actually cannot collect or store Dark Elixir. You will want to start saving for your Barbarian King (and its upgrades) as soon as possible going into Town Hall 7, so it is important to get this storage structure down as soon as possible.

Town Hall 7 Upgrade Priority: The Next Tasks

If you have more than 3 builders, you can start on this section right away with your 4th builder. Otherwise, when the 3 builders above complete their most important tasks, they can move on to this section. Note that some builders will get here sooner than the others (namely builder #3). This is intentional; once the Dark Elixir storage structure is down, we need to work towards protecting it.

Task #1. Place all level 1 towers and traps aside from the Hidden Tesla.

At Town Hall 7, players get 2 new Cannons, 1 new Archer Tower, 1 new Mortar, 1 new Air Defense, and a number of new traps. Place all of these structures and traps. Do not worry about upgrades; just build the new structures. It only takes around 14 hours of build time to complete all of these towers. Hidden Tesla towers will come later; they take too long to build to start now.

Task #2. Rearrange your base to a great TH7 defense. 

Now that you have all of your structures down (aside from the Hidden Tesla towers), it is time to rearrange your base to something more appropriate for a Town Hall 7 player. Check my Town Hall 7 Base Layout Guide for details.

We will not have a Barbarian King or the HIdden Tesla towers yet, but this is okay. Place a gold mine or storage structure in the Barbarian King’s slot and leave the Hidden Tesla’s slot open. Your would-be opponent has no idea whether or not you have Hidden Tesla towers yet, so no loss there.

Task #3. Upgrade all basic towers to their maximum level that requires less than 1 day of building time.

Next, work on getting all upgrades for your brand-new towers that require less than 1 day of building time. This will result in the fastest increase in your defensive capabilities versus upgrading old towers.

Task #4. Upgrade your Dark Elixir Storage.

While you will be no where near maxing out on your Dark Elixir Storage space this early into leveling up, upgrading your Dark Elixir Storage serves another purpose: it increases the health of this structure.

Consider that loot stolen is a percentage of damage dealt, and that the first 10%-20% of the damage dealt to a Dark Elixir Storage structure results in little loot for the attacker. Increasing the health of the Dark Elixir Storage means that 300 damage dealt to this structure will result in less loot being taken by the opponent.

When would just 300 damage be dealt to this structure? From a Lightning Spell of course! Upgrading your Dark Elixir storage structure actually offers a significant reduction in the amount of Dark Elixir stolen during Lightning Spell attacks – as much as 20-30% less loot stolen if you are not carrying much in the first place! This style of attack is extremely common – you will be surprised how much Dark Elixir you save in the long-run by maxing our your DE Storage.

Task #5. Place your Hidden Tesla Towers.

After placing all of your new towers, getting early upgrades on those towers, and setting up a TH7 defense, you are now ready to add your Hidden Tesla towers. Start building them as you save enough gold.

Task #6. Pull 1 Builder for Barracks & Dark Barracks Upgrade Duty

You should strive to upgrade all of your Barracks to level 9 during your time at Town Hall 7. However, if you upgrade too many Barracks at once, your production will be so low it will be hard to raid. It is easiest to just pull 1 builder at this point and have this builder always upgrading Barracks. It will take about 3 weeks to max out all 4 Barracks, but it is worth it.

When this builder finishes upgrading all of the regular Barracks, have this builder start on the Dark Barracks. When the Dark Barracks is finished, have this same builder upgrade it to level 2.

Note: Only upgrade the Barracks as you have the spare Elixir. Upgrading units at the Laboratory still takes precedence.

Task #7 (Final). Upgrade existing defensive structures and add additional structures as resources build.

By this point, upgrade priority is not terribly important. Slowly work on maxing out your existing defensive towers. I recommend trying not to upgrade more than 1 Mortar or more than 1 Air Defense at once; upgrading both Air Defense towers or multiple Mortars will leave your base vulnerable to certain attacks.

As your Elixir builds, you can start on the Dark Barracks and upgrade it to level 2. This is a very low priority building as I do not recommend spending Dark Elixir at this level on anything other than the Barbarian King. Speaking of the Barbarian King, the altar should be placed as soon as you get enough Dark Elixir. The king should be upgraded immediately each time you reach the Dark Elixir requirements for the next level.

Walls should be upgraded as your resources build. Never let your resources fully max out; if this is happening, you should be spending some resources on walls as you go along to keep your resources from being wasted.

Your base should be mostly maxed out before moving on to Town Hall 8. The exceptions are Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, the Barbarian King, and all research that requires Dark Elixir. These do not need to be maxed out in order to move onto Town Hall 8. It is much easier to get Dark Elixir at TH8 as opposed to TH7; you can max out your Barbarian King at TH8 much more readily than TH7. Even at TH8, you will not max our your Dark Elixir research before moving on to TH9.

24 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Upgrade Order Guide: TH7 Priorities

  1. Mark

    Perfect timing for me. My TH7 build completes in a couple days.

    Should the first sentence:
    “Going from Town Hall 7 to Town Hall 8”

    be this instead:
    “Going from Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 7”

  2. Mark

    I’m wondering about how high to upgrade walls initially. I’ve read your wall guide, which suggests level 5-6. That is significant gold. For the TH7 base layout, I was thinking of using my existing level 6 walls for the main core walls and then use level 3 or so for the outer west, north, east walls and prioritize the gold for new buildings and Tesla’s. It seems those outer walls wouldn’t be commonly attacked by ground troops, as they’d moved to the funnel openings. Eventually, those walls would be upgraded … just looking to get all new structures in place more quickly. What do you think about that plan?

    1. admin Post author

      Well you should never delay buildings in lieu of walls, but I found it very easy to get all walls up to level 5. We’re talking 40k per wall * 50 walls – that’s only about 2 million resources. Spread over a few days, upgrading walls as builders become free, it should be pretty easy to get.

      1. Paavo

        I did mostly a similar build as Mark; happened to have over 1 million gold after TH upgrade so I wasted it all on a hidden tesla. After that made a town with your TH7 layout and placed all the new level 1 structures at their proper places (now in the middle of upgrading them). I used my old TH6 maxed walls for the inner core (there’s nicely enough tiles for this) and built the outer rim with new wall pieces (currently mixed with lvl 3 & 4 pieces). Haven’t yet been even close to a 50% defeat; most people just destroy the town hall and leave.

          1. Mark

            I decided to follow Osiris recommendations listed in this guide and postpone the Teslas for a bit. I had about 2.5 million gold going into TH7 with capped 2 million storage and mostly full collectors. 50 level 5 walls cost 2.3 million, so I still had about 300k to spend on the initial tower upgrades. As I mentioned, I used the gold walls on the most outside walls of the funnel – that was 47 wall, so it worked out quite nicely and it does feel good to have those gold level 5 walls just one upgrade away from matching the core level 6 walls.

  3. champ

    Great guide. You did not mention when to purchase and build the dark barracks and when to upgrade. Can you make a suggestion please.

  4. ArguedOyster57

    Yo Osiris buddy! Remember me?

    Heard what happened to your Youtube channel and I don’t know what to say. I’ve asked Daddy (another clash of clans Youtuber) and he’s never heard it happening before. Usually it’s a staff member who reviews the case if the channel has 1000+ views but I guess Youtube’s growing and things have to change.

    Anyways are you on the Clash of Clans forums at all? I’d love to be friends with you on it? My usernames ArguedOyster57 if you want to friend me.

    Also congrats on the website growing (even if your Youtube channel is out of commission.) Apparently you’re about the 165,000 most visited website worldwide and 70,000 in the US, according to Alexa from Amazon! You’re about tied with another big Clashing fan,, in that position.

    Best of luck in the future!

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks, and yes I remember! I think it had to be an automated response, or at least very absolutely minimal “investigation”, because the timestamp on the email I received notifying me of the closure was only 1 minute later than the timestamp on the email notifying me that my video was flagged.

      I don’t have an account on the supercell forums, but I do browse there from time to time. Feel free to drop in and comment any time, I try to read and reply to every comment. Not giving up on getting my YT account back yet.

  5. Nick

    I’m wondering just for reference purposes, what level is considered “maxed out” in regards to defensive structures (towers, cannons, mortars, etc). As in what level should i upgrade all of these defensive structures to before going to town hall 8. Also what order should I upgrade my defensive structures in? I see a lot online about going splash first (mortars and wizard towers). So basically what order should i upgrade my defensive structures at town hall 7 and what level should i upgrade them all to before going to town hall 8?

    1. admin Post author

      “maxed out” is the highest level the tower can be upgraded to at that particular town hall level. In the defensive towers section of the site, you can find tables with the max level for each tower by Town Hall level. All your towers should be the highest level possible before the Town Hall 8 upgrade finishes.

      The order isn’t terribly important. Splash towers first is a good idea in general, but its important not to upgrade more than 1 splash tower type at a time in my opinion. There are other factors to consider, like cost and time to completion. You want to stagger your builders so that you can upgrade walls as builders become free, rather than upgrade towers based on tower type. I think that is more efficient than focusing on one tower versus the other. Air Defense towers need to be upgraded early though, since they take forever to finish and you never want to upgrade more than one at once.

  6. Mark

    For task #7, I’m thinking it might be good to prioritize the Wizard Towers first, while there is little to no dark elixir to raid. Better than upgrading them later when there is a decent amount in storage. I guess they could also be upgraded just after spending dark elixir, as well.

    1. admin Post author

      Sounds like a good idea. It needs to fit in with time to completion if you want to stagger builders to save resources for walls.

  7. Arthur

    Would you make any changes to this piece, taking the newest update in to consideration? Walls upgrading with elixer for example?

    1. admin Post author

      Same sort of thing applies.. farm to gold/elixir cap if you can while builders are busy, then spend spare Gold/Elixir on walls, leaving just enough to start your upgrades. Repeat the process over and over throughout TH7 and you’ll have maxed walls right as TH7 is finishing up.

  8. ren yap

    thank you for this page, i find this very useful for me most specially upgrading dark elixir storage. i understand this applies to other storage type as well.

    i actually speedup my base to townhall 7 so i am still catching up and just completed maxing out all up to th6 level (including new added except for lab and spell factory) because this is the advise of my friend for various advantage reasons over the cons.

    with the recent update and the difficulty of looting elixer, any changes of order for the above particularly on air defense?

  9. Gamer007

    Well, pretty good strategies….im a TH7 from a while now..and it is totally annoying when U R a new th7…lots of upgrades ….My First call was The SPLASH DAMAGES like mortars and wizard towers…yep…i upgraded them first as they cost very high…..and are very helpful…!!!!
    then I maxed out my teslas im working on KING…i wanna be a th7 maxed…in every manner…all my major defences are maxed…niw only gonna are left….it feels good!!
    Well any good (non rushed) coc player can be a part of our clan…GOOD TIMES WABY ….search it up!!

  10. John

    Hey bud,

    I love your site. You convey your thoughts and ideas very clearly and concisely; not many people have this ability. My upgrade to TH 7 is almost complete. At what point did you upgrade your gold and elixir storages? I’m a pretty proficient raider with all five builders at my disposal. Even with the five builders I’m able to drive my loot levels up to the cap limits of the town halls I’ve been at. I’ll be dumping excess elixir and gold into walls as needed, but I’d like to make sure I have a high enough storage ceiling to start immediately on new projects as builders become available and not have to stop raiding temporarily because I’ve hit the limit. I’m currently maxed at the TH 6 limit of 2M for both gold and elixir. Thanks for input, you’ve been a great mentor from afar.

    1. admin Post author

      Fairly early on; check the upgrade priority videos for specifics. I upgraded them earlier at TH8/TH9 then I did at earlier levels.

  11. XTon897

    Another question. I only hav 2 builders. Do u think it’s worth it to buy another one?

    Also, how should I upgrade with only two? I guess it’s be patient, but yeah. One last one.

    The new defences. I think it said upgrade all of them that take less than one day. Can it be exatly one day? Or upgrade, like the ones that are like 45 min. first?
    – XTon897


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