Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Farming Strategies: TH7 Farm Guide

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Town Hall 7 is one of the easiest farming levels in Clash of Clans for getting gold and elixir. Town Hall 6 was difficult given that TH7 players were able to easily wipe your base, but at Town Hall 7, you get to be the player raiding TH6 players and they will have no ability to stop you.

At Town Hall 7, not only do all of your units get access to upgrades, but you get an extra Army Camp, significantly improving the strength and size of your army. Town Hall 7 also bring an additional Barracks, ensuring that the additional army size does not actually take any longer to create.

As mentioned earlier, TH7 is an easy level for farming given that TH6 players are very easy targets. Even a good TH6 base can be wiped with just Barbarians and Archers, and good TH6 bases often have 150k+ of each resource type. The only difficult resource to farm at TH7 is Dark Elixir (and you will not need much). I have dedicated a section towards the end of this guide specifically to farming Dark Elixir.

Town Hall 7 Farming and Raiding Video Guide

Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Farming Strategy Guide by osirisguide

Town Hall 7 Farming Guide: Army Compositions & Strategies

At Town Hall 7, players have several options for viable army compositions. In this next section, I will discuss three great army compositions and the pros and cons of using each composition.

Army Composition #1: Archers and Barbarians

My favorite army composition for farming at this level is nothing but Barbarians and Archers (commonly known as Barcher). In order to make things easy, I will typically use two Barracks to train Barbarians and two Barracks to train Archers (240 supplies worth of units queued). This will skew the army a little heavily in favor of Archers, but gives the option of donating Archers as Clan Castle troops.

The way troops are deployed depends on the level of the enemy’s base. For Town Hall 6 bases, you can actually get away with not even paying attention to the enemy’s base itself. Instead, select your Barbarians, then hold down your finger on the screen and drag it in a circle (zoom out) quickly around the enemy’s entire base. Do this until you have deployed all but 20 Barbarians. Then, quickly switch to Archers and do the same thing, deploying all Archers until you have just 20 remaining. Then, zoom in on the enemy’s base. Deploy your remaining Barbarians and Archers to counter any threat (Clan Castle units, an exposed Wizard Tower or Mortar, etc).

If you split your units in this manner on TH6 bases, your units will be so spread out that they will barely take damage from traps or area of effect towers. With so many units, the enemy will have a hard time stopping you. If you have a Barbarian King, it can be helpful to place it on tougher TH6 bases, but only after most of the Cannons and Archer Towers have been taken out. Wizard Towers and Mortars cannot easily kill a Barbarian King, but a Cannon or Archer Tower can do so more readily. Take out the Cannons and Archer Towers with your ground units so the Barbarian King can come in and clean up.

On TH7 or TH8 bases, more strategy may be required, depending on the type of base you are hitting. Typically, you should only attack TH7+ bases when there are full resource collectors. For grabbing full Mines and Elixir Collectors (look for the dark pink/purplish color in the elixir collector), you will just want to drop a handful of Barbarians and Archers at each collector you want to grab. About 5-6 Barbarians and 5-6 Archers per mine or collector is adequate. Do this for all collectors and then just leave. If there is an exposed Town Hall, you can take it out to maintain trophies, but maintaining trophies is not difficult at TH7 since you do not have to farm at a high range.

Note that this build is not very effective at farming Dark Elixir, but it is used since the units are so cheap and train so quickly. You can attack every 20 minutes when using this build, allowing you to raid 3 times an hour. That is this build’s real strength. You can occasionally snipe a Dark Elixir drill with just Barbarians and Archers, but it is not common.

Strategy #2: Archers, Barbarians, and Wall Breakers

My favorite army composition for farming Dark Elixir at this level is Archers, Barbarians, and Wall Breakers. I generally recommend using 8 Wall Breakers and then roughly an even split between Barbarians and Archers (80 to 100 of each). In order to make things easy, I will typically use two Barracks to train four Wall Breakers and 56 Barbarians each, while using the other two Barracks to train 60 Archers each (240 supplies worth of units queued). This will skew the army a little heavily in favor of Archers, but gives the option of donating Archers as Clan Castle troops.

The whole point of keeping around Wall Breakers is to have a way to break down walls when you find bases that are ripe for taking Dark Elixir. If you do not care about Dark Elixir, you can farm faster by skipping the Wall Breakers and just using Barbarians and Archers.

Why might you not want Dark Elixir? Well, Dark Elixir is much easier to get at TH8 and even easier to get at TH9 as compared to TH7. As a result, if you are trying to power your base to higher levels, it is a valid strategy to simply max out walls, Barracks, towers, and elixir-based research and then go ahead and upgrade to TH8 without maxing out your Barbarian King or Dark Elixir-based research.

Getting Dark Elixir is the biggest challenge at TH7. Your goal when farming Dark Elixir should not be to take out the enemy’s base, as this will never happen with a Barbarian and Archer army against a player who is a high enough level to accrue a substantial amount of Dark Elixir. Instead, you should seek to core into the enemy’s base, grabbing their Dark Elixir storage (and/or the drills, depending on the base and fullness of the drills) and then leaving.

Typically, in order to reach a Dark Elixir storage or drill, you will need to break down a few walls. Drop your Barbarians as a distraction (about 6 is usually good) near the wall you want to break down, then drop 2-3 Wall Breakers in a pack. Barbarians are not the perfect tanks for Wall Breakers, so sometimes dropping that third Wall Breaker can ensure your attack is successful.

Often, you will need to use spells to get access to a full Dark Elixir storage. I like to keep 2 Rage Spells and 1 Healing Spell ready in order to core towards a Dark Elixir. Rage Spells work wonders with the Wall Breaker, as a Wall Breaker under the effect of the Rage Spell not only moves faster to the wall, but it also deals significantly more damage. If you have level 4 Wall Breakers, you only need 1 under the effect of a Rage Spell to break down walls you will encounter at this level range.

For farming Dark Elixir on a tough base like this, choose a side you want to approach the Dark Elixir storage (or Drill). If junk buildings on the outside of that side of the base are out of range of towers with Archers, use Archers to take the buildings down safely. If the enemy’s towers can hit your Archers, drop a line of Barbarians and a line of Archers behind them. Try to lure out Clan Castle troops and hero units as well (if necessary), taking them out before approaching the Dark Elixir storage. Once you have cleared everything out, drop a rage spell so that it is about 1/3 of the way outside the enemy’s base, and 2/3 inside the enemy’s base. Drop a line of Barbarians followed by a few Wall Breakers to break into the enemy’s base. Immediately drop more Barbarians, then start tapping to drop a Wall Breaker every few seconds. Wall Breakers should get deep into the enemy’s base if this is done appropriately, as 1 Wall Breaker will break through a wall with a Rage Spell.

Once you have cleared deeper into the enemy’s base, you should be approaching the storage. Flood in with the rest of your Barbarians, dropping a heal spell in the center of the base where the Barbarians are headed. Drop a Barbarian King at this time if you have one. Flood in with the rest of your Archers, and drop a second Rage Spell (if needed). If you do not break directly to the Dark Elixir storage by this point, your Archers should be able to reach it from behind the wall.

Note that you do not always need spells to farm Dark Elixir. Elixir Drills or Dark Elixir storages of bad players are often just 1 or 2 walls deep into an enemy’s base. You can reach this depth with just 1 round of Wall Breakers and then use Barbarians to tank and Archers to shoot over the wall.

Drills are a great source of Dark Elixir at this level range. When examining drills, note the tiny box that sits on top of the drill, in the upper left-hand corner. If this box is fully black, the drill contains a significant amount of Dark Elixir. Low level drills will only hold around 90 Dark Elixir (that you can steal), but TH8 players with level 3 drills will have nearly 400 Dark Elixir available to steal. Max level drills can hold as much as 1,000 DE, but it is rare to find those.

Strategy #3: Archers, Barbarians, and Minions

An Army of Archers, Barbarians, and Minions is in theory the most efficient way to grab resources. While this build works, you end up getting to raid 20-25% more frequently as the Dark Barracks can contribute to production. With a Dark Barracks adding to production, it only takes around 15 minutes to make a 200/200 army of Barbarians, Archers, and Minions (a composition commonly called BAM).

I am not a huge fan of this strategy at TH7 given that Dark Elixir is such a tight resource. However, if you are planning on just maxing out walls and research and then moving on without worrying about maxing out your Barbarian King or Dark Elixir-based research, this is a valid strategy. It works just like the Barbarian and Archer composition, except that Minions are added too. Minions can be used to pick off exposed buildings, take out the Barbarian King, or used in lieu of Archers or Barbarians for DPS in taking down mines or collectors. Minions are also great at taking out Dark Elixir drills that may be behind a wall, given their ability to fly.

Town Hall 7 Dark Elixir Farming Guide

Farming Dark Elixir is difficult, but not impossible at Town Hall 7. You should be able to unlock and upgrade your Barbarian King, gaining a few upgrades before it is time to move onto Town Hall 8. Here is a video guide in which I end up getting around 2,000 Dark Elixir across 3 raids without spending much resources on units or spending much time waiting for training (just over an hour for all 3 raids):

Farm Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7 in Clash of Clans by CoCGuides

The video also demonstrates an alternate strategy to farming Dark Elixir.

Strategy #1: Wall Breakers, Barbarians, Archers, Rage/Healing Spells

The best way to farm Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7 is with a combination of Wall Breakers (about 8 is plenty), Barbarians, and Archers (roughly an even split between Barbarians and Archers). Look for relatively exposed Dark Elixir storage units with 500+ Dark Elixir, as well as level 3+ drills that are full of Dark Elixir (check the box on the drill to see if it is full).

Once you find a suitable base, attack with your Barbarians and Archers. Use a few Barbarians to distract for the Wall Breakers and break down the wall leading towards the Dark Elixir storage. Take out the storage and then leave. The less spells and units you use, the sooner you will be able to attack again, so be conservative. If you can snipe a Town Hall, do so, as this will keep your trophy count up.

Carry 2 Rage Spells and 1 Healing Spell. The particular spell you use depends on the type of tower combination you are going up against. If you need to destroy multiple buildings or walls in order to access the storage, you will want to use the Rage Spell(s). If the Dark Elixir storage is protected by a high level Wizard tower, you may need to use the Healing Spell. The video guide demonstrates both of these strategies in action.

Strategy #2: Lightning Spells

Another, easier option is to just carry 3 LIghtning Spells at all times. When farming with a typical Barbarian or Archer combination, occasionally you will run into an enemy base with 700+ Dark Elixir. In these situations, just drop all 3 Lightning Spells on the enemy’s Dark Elixir storage. You can typically steal 300-600 Dark Elixir using this strategy. While not a massive amount of Dark Elixir, if you do this a few times a day for a week or two, you will have your Barbarian King, and do not even have to go out of the way to get it.

Do Not Worry About Maxing Out on Dark Elixir

It is a common Clash of Clans adage that players should max out their base and research fully before moving on to the next Town Hall level. While I agree with this in most cases, know that I do not think this holds true for Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7. It is too difficult and time consuming to farm Dark Elixir at Town Hall 7 to worry about maxing out everything.

The reason it is so difficult to get Dark Elixir at TH7 is simple. Firstly, and the most obvious reason, is that Town Hall 7 players do not get access to a Dark Elixir drill. Town Hall 8 players get access to a drill that when maxed out will pull in about 1,000 Dark Elixir per day, while TH9 players get access to two drills that when maxed out will pull in a combined 4,800 Dark Elixir per day.

The second reason getting Dark Elixir at TH7 is difficult is not as obvious, yet perhaps an even more significant reason than not having a drill. The reason is that your best farming in Clash of Clans is against players 1 Town Hall level lower than yourself. At Town Hall 7, your best farming target is Town Hall 6 players. Town Hall 6 players do not have any Dark Elixir to steal! At TH8, you can pick on TH7 players (and TH8+ players if you want to use spells), whereas TH9 players can pick on TH8 players (who can have as much as 2k Dark Elixir to take).

As a result, do not hold up your progress to Town Hall 8 in order to farm the remaining amount of Dark Elixir you need. It is better to upgrade to Town Hall 8 where it is much easier to get Dark Elixir. In the long run, upgrading to TH8 will save time and effort.

Town Hall 7 Loot Targets & Goals

At Town Hall 7, you should stick to the 1,100-1,400 trophy range for best results. There should be no shortage of great bases at this range. If you go above 1,400, you will run out of easy TH6 targets to loot. If you go below 1,100, your odds of running into a high level base with full collectors or a base with Dark Elixir will go down. Dark Elixir farming should really take place at 1,250 trophies or more.

On a per-raid basis, I would recommend seeking at least 250,000 combined resources (i.e. 125k gold and 125k elixir, 200k gold and 50k elixir, and so on) or 150,000 of a single resource (gold or elixir) if you have already maxed out on your need for the other resource type.

Before moving on to Town Hall 8, I recommend maxing out your walls, towers, and elixir-based research. Town Hall 7 is one of the few level-ranges that I recommend moving on before everything is completely maxed. In this case, you do not have to hit level 5 with your Barbarian King nor do you need to research all of your Dark Elixir-based research.

Leveling up your walls at Town Hall 7 is expensive. Taking the 50 new walls you get access to at this level and moving from levels 1 to 7 will require 16,060,000 gold. Upgrading your 125 previous walls from level 6 to level 7 will cost 25,000,000 gold. Altogether, you will need to farm 41,060,000 gold in order to max out your walls at this level range.

Using the Barbarian and Archer strategy, it is not terribly difficult to farm 500k gold per hour. If you are using the Barbarian, Archer, and Wall Breaker strategy, you might drop to 400k gold per hour. Adding in Minions, you could hit around 600k gold per hour. These estimates are assuming around 150k gold per raid on average, with Barbarians, Archers, and Wall Breakers yielding around 2.7 raids per hour, Barbarians and Archers yielding about 3.5 raids per hour, and Barbarians, Archers, and Minions giving 4 raids per hour. These are conservative estimates – finding a base yielding 300k+ gold will naturally boost your earning rate.

Regardless, you are looking at about 80 hours worth of farming to max out your walls at this level. There are little expenses outside of walls that require gold (your mine production should cover most of your skips during attacks). This may look like a lot of time on paper, but this just represents unit training time, not the actual amount of time you have to play the game. You might only raid for 3-5 minutes out of every 20 minutes worth of unit training time – your actual time spent farming will be much closer to 15-20 hours. When spread out over the course of the 2 months or so it requires to max out your TH7 research and buildings, it is not that much farming at all.

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          There is a section in this guide for farming Dark Elixir. Skip around looking for full drills and use lightning spells on Dark Elixir storage units if you are really having trouble

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        I use no spells most of the time, only healing spells on occasion if it is worth it. Once you get Rage spells you can use both rage and healing.

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      BAM is all about speeding up the attack process. You just take 2 barracks and train Barbs, 2 barracks and train Archers, and any available Dark Barracks and train Minions. You don’t worry about exact numbers.

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      Thanks for the comment. TH6 upgrade priority isn’t too important.. I’d get the lab going first just because research takes time, but none of the research is terribly important at this level. Really upgrading your army camps and spell factory are what is going to increase your strength the most at this level. As long as your builders are always active you will do fine at TH6. Upgrade order not so important.

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      Yes, I think so. Better to improve offensive strength so you can farm better rather than to defend loot. Can nab a lot more loot farming versus defending.. changes a bit at higher THs when upgrades cost 3 mill+

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    My favorite strategy is to load one barracks with goblins, one with archers, one with barbarians, and then four wallbreakers in the other barracks with enough giants to fill my army camps. For spells I bring two healing and one lightning (haven’t unlocked rage yet). Is this a valid strategy?

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      How can you have two healing spells and one lightning spell and not have rage spell? By default in order to get the spell factory to hold 3 spells you get the rage spell.

      I actually like to use a similar strategy (minus the Barbarians) at Town Hall 8. I don’t care for it at Town Hall 7 as the Goblins and Giants are too weak in my opinion. Easier to use Barcher.

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      Yeah it’s just for convenience sake. They don’t have to be exact. At TH10 a lot of players actually like to go for extra archers, training 40 archers + 20 barbs at each Barracks.

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    My base is nearly maxed (walls, mines, collectors left) just waiting on research not from a lack of elixer just because it takes so long for each project.
    Keep up the good work.
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