Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Defense: Best Base Layout for TH6

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In this guide to the best Town Hall 6 farming base setup, I will be revealing the best defense layout in Clash of Clans for TH6 players. Not to start off this guide on a sour note, but you should know that Town Hall 6 players have the hardest time protecting their resources of any Town Hall level in Clash of Clans.

If you did not already know, in Clash of Clans, players can only attack other players that have one level lower of a Town Hall without facing a significant (50%+) loot reduction penalty. To clarify, if a Town Hall 6 player had 200,000 gold available to steal during a raid, a Town Hall 8 player would only see 100,000 gold being available.

The end result of this penalty dynamic is that most of your farming is done by attacking players one Town Hall level lower than you. This means that at Town Hall 6, you are primarily fodder for Town Hall 7 players. Town Hall 7 results in the largest upgrade in farming army size and strength in all of Clash of Clans, leaving Town Hall 6 players at their mercy.

The reason TH7 players are so much stronger than TH6 players is that Town Hall 7 players get an extra army camp, resulting in 50 more supplies. TH7 players also unlock the Barbarian King, the first hero unit in CoC. Finally, Town Hall 7 players get to upgrade their Barbarians, Archers, Wall Breakers, Giants, and Goblins – all common farming units. Town Hall 7 players get to counter all these extra units and upgrades with an extra Air Defense, an extra Mortar, an extra Archer Tower, two extra Cannons, two Hidden Teslas, and 50 extra Walls. Town Hall 6 players just are not equipped to deal with an upgraded TH7 army.

With that said, a great farming base setup is still better than a less-optimal setup. With a good base layout, most of the time you do not have to lose all your resources. Instead, at this level, you will find you typically lose 1-2 storage units from most enemy raids. You will also get the occasional free shield from your Town Hall getting picked off by a few units. You will not typically get fully wiped by TH7 players until you start banking up 1,000,000 + of each resource type.

TH6 Base Setup: Video Guide

The video below shows my recommended Town Hall 6 base setup and demonstrates it fending off a variety of attacks that you are likely to see at this Town Hall level:

Best Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Base… by osirisguide

CoC Town Hall 6 Base Layout & Strategy Discussion


The above picture represents a fully-maxed Town Hall 6 base using my recommended layout. There is no good “trophy base” for this level range, as Town Hall 7+ players can wipe you with using just Barbarians and Archers, even with this maxed out base setup. There is no point in trying to protect your trophies defensively when you cannot stand up to most players in the first place.

Note that I still recommend keeping the Clan Castle on the outside of the base. While our base is getting larger, it is still not big enough to prevent units from being easily lured out of the Clan Castle and then subsequently destroyed. I would rather save center space for our Mortars, Air Defense, and storage buildings.

Note that every storage building is behind its own wall. I think this is particularly important at Town Hall 6 due to how often TH7 enemies will get 50%+ clears. Splitting up your resources so much ensures that you only have to lose 1-2 storage buildings even in the event of a 70%+ clear.

The center of the base includes a Mortar and an Air Defense. The Air Defense is the center feature of the entire base, as only having one Air Defense is the biggest weakness of Town Hall 6. Even other Town Hall 6 players can give you trouble if you leave your Air Defense exposed, thanks to the introduction of the Healer at this level range.

Note that both Wizard Towers are within range of two storage units. One of easiest ways to take out storage units is with either clusters of Goblins or Archers, and the Wizard Tower is strong against both. The Wizard Tower is never paired behind the same wall with a storage structure, as this prevents Goblins from breaking down a wall to your storage units while simultaneously breaking open a wall for Giants.

48 thoughts on “Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Farming Defense: Best Base Layout for TH6

  1. ArguedOyster57

    Your bases are unbelievably effective! I am currently at TH6 right now and I enjoy experimenting with base designs. I usually change them maybe every other day to see what works and let me just say your farming defense only is by far the most effective.
    However I do have a few concerns. First off if you’re going to keep your town hall on the outside wouldn’t it be wiser to leave it in the corner or something. That way people would be willing to attack just for trophies and not valuable resources, thus triggering a shield. Also what level townhall would be a good way to aim for the 4th builder’s hut? The 1250 trophies achievement gives 450 gems which should put most people over the top if they’ve been taking care of their base. Townhall sniping at this level is also pretty effective so wouldn’t it be a good idea to keep it inside of your base at least for that duration? I’m obviously no expert like you so I’m just asking.
    One more thing by the way: when are you going to post TH8? Do you also plan on making layouts all the way through TH10? In that case I recommend you make a YouTube channel which would garner way more views and I suspect you could get more “resources” to keep making new designs.

    *By “resources” I mean money 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Oyster,

      That is a good point about keeping the Town Hall off in the corner. It may be better, it may not. I think an experiment would be required to really know for sure. At TH8+, I put it off in the corner. Before that, I keep it close to the base, since it is a high health structure. It acts as an extra wall against a weak part of the base. I’m not sure if this is wise or not, but I believe it to be.

      You won’t be close enough for the 4th builder with just the 1250 trophy achievement. If you figure you start with about 350 gems after clearing out the debris to your base, you have a long ways to go to the 500 gems for builder 3 and 1000 gems for builder 4 (need net 1150 gems). I think the easiest way to get there is through the two early War achievements (10 stars + the gold one) in addition to the 450 gem achievement.

      I actually recommend keeping the TH on the outside during the sniping process while pushing for trophy achievements. The reason is that if you get discovered and lose your TH, you only lose 1/3 of your potential trophies. If you start getting up high in trophies with a weak base, someone will just wipe you for trophies and take the full amount. Its better to get hit more frequently for 1/3 trophies (getting a shield with each hit) then it is to get wiped for all your trophies.

      I do have a youtube channel – That is where the videos embedded on this site are coming from. And yes, more views does increase my incentive to work on the site and yt channel!

      Thanks for the comment!

      1. Drew

        Its possible to get the 4th builder at th 6. Im going to get mine. I have 972 gems right now. You just need to get lucky with gem boxes and get achievements.

        1. admin Post author

          It also depends on how long you stay at TH6.. the longer you stay, the more gem boxes and plants you get to clear for extra gems. If you stay for awhile it also makes it easier to get war achievements.

          1. Mark

            I’ve been on TH6 for two weeks and I’m at 963 gems without any war achievements. I have about two more weeks until TH7 to get to 1000 (37 away). I’m 54 builder huts away from Union Buster achievement of 250 for 10 gems. I’m hoping clearing plants is enough and a gem box would likely make it a guarantee. I keep my base clean of plants and I wonder if that helps at all to get more plants with gems.

          2. admin Post author

            Clearing plants definitely is good for bringing in gems, but I’m not sure if there is a cap on the number of plants a base can have (if there is, it is 7+).

        2. krishia

          Hi. Nice layout! For th6 players, it is really necessary to keep the air defense away from easy reach.

          For those who are asking when is the best time to get the other BUILDERS, th6 is the best time.

          I am about to leave th6 in almost 2 days and I’ve already got the 4th Builder. I went up up to the crystal league just by town hall hunt, reaching 2000 trophies. Th9 and th10 will not get any bigger loot for th6 players even if you have full your 2M storage. And it is much cheaper to search in Multiplayer battles.

    2. Teds

      For anyone contemplating getting a 4th builder at TH6 a quick heads up. TH7 is a much lengthier process and you will be stuck there for a long, long time. It’s probably the biggest jump in THs. In that level the Barb King is available, but getting the Dark Elixir required to actually get the BK is a bit of a nightmare. So it may be worth keeping a hold of these gems as 666 gems will get you the BK, and that’s a one off cost. Humble opinions.

      1. admin Post author

        Definitely do not recommend that. If you push up to 1400-1500 trophies, you can farm drills and or even just zap DE storages and net 2k+ Dark Elixir per day with casual playing (more if you play a lot). 666 Gems is a LOT to spend on resources.

  2. Crax

    Question: I want to ask about the viability of this base for Clan Wars, where defending your TH can be a priority. Would you still use the same layout? Or would you switch things up so that invaders will have a harder time to clean wipe everything?

    I actually like the fact that you put your Air Defense at the center, simply because I cannot count the times I’ve gotten wrecked by mass Giants + Healers combo since my setup has them placed behind the first line of walls. It’s obscene how they can absorb a max level 2 cannon 1 archer tower focus fire with barely any reduction in HP at all…

    1. admin Post author

      Really at TH6 I wouldn’t worry too much about base layout. You can stick it in the center, but you’ll have to modify walls. TH7 can wreck even the perfect TH6 with just mass barb/archer.. it’s so unfair a fight its not funny, so there is not much reason to worry about war layouts at th6 IMO.

  3. Mark

    Some questions about this TH6 base setup:

    1. There is some empty space between collectors and walls. Is this a strategy? How about moving them next to the walls to bring the enemy troops closer?

    2. All the elixir collectors are grouped together and all the gold mines are grouped together. How about mixing them every other, along with mixing in barracks, research, etc. and place some of each on opposite sides of the base to help against a focused attack on one side of the base aiming for one resource type? Barbarians and archers will spend time on non-resource buildings.

    3. At time 1:25 of the video, you comment while moving the cursor around the traps area, “we put these buildings here to put a lot of space between the walls, it makes it very difficult for wall breakers to come in. Enemies will have to drop giants first, or distracting unit before they can use any wall breakers.” I’m not following, could you please explain further?


    1. admin Post author

      1. The space is intentional, as it forces the enemy to drop wallbreakers 1 tile further back, even when the buildings are destroyed.

      2. This was just done for convenience, making it easier for me to collect gold and elixir. You’re right in that you might net a tiny bit more resources splitting them up, but that was not a high priority for me. I spend through TH6 and didn’t rely much on collector income.

      3. Players are unable to drop units within a tile of buildings, even after they are destroyed. As a result, that extra tile of space prevents a player from dropping Wall Breakers close to your walls and just taking them out without any distracting units. The player will have to drop a Giant to soak up cannon fire, then drop their wall breakers. TH6 players unit control tends to be really sloppy so players mess this up a lot until they get more experience.

  4. Bernie

    Awesome stuff as usual. You have singlehandedly made this game fun again. I was stuck and about to stop playing until I found your site. Please keep up the good work! Thank you!


  5. Dave

    I was a little bit worried that the gold reserve in the lower right hand corner was so exposed but the wizard tower’s splash damage is so devastating that it’s no longer a concern. I’ve only been hit a few times, but, so far, it’s shown to be an amazing design. Thanks!

    1. admin Post author

      That resource point is made to be a bit of a sacrifice for most persistent players. It is better to lose 1 storage unit than all 4 🙂

  6. Yaten Kou

    I just recently reached TH6 and I’m so looking forward at implementing your base design. I watched the video and read through your article and I’m totally convinced. Thanks for sharing your design. The game is fun and all, but being a person with a lot of responsibility and work to do, I don’t have the time to analyze the game in-depth and create my own design, besides the fact that I’m not experienced enough to make my own so it really means a lot to find someone like you to share their expertise. Thanks a lot!


    Dear admin,

    Kindly check my base, I have started this game in this june and from like 100 enemy attacks only 2% of them have taken maxed resources. Most of the time I get shielded. My account name is SAHMRN. Please do visit. I am a member of clan named Pakistan. And I would wait for you comment. If u need any videos of reply ill be gald to share and show you.


  8. Michael

    I am at level 6TH right now and I have not upgraded it to max. But I want to upgrade to TH7, would that be a wise choice at the moment? My walls right now are mostly level 4 and 5 and all my cannons are maxed out, and now Im working on my archer towers and wizard towers. I am just wondering how soon I should attempt to get to TH7?

    1. admin Post author

      Not much point in trophy pushing at TH6. If you are going to try and TH snipe your way to an achievement, do so by sticking your Town Hall in the corner and hope nobody decides to wipe the full base.

  9. nineapathy

    I have set up my base exactly as you displayed. But one wall seems to be short for completing the boundary near the CC. Is there anyway to contact you to display my base so you could atleast see what’s there to rectify? 🙂

    1. admin Post author

      Really you should be trying to farm up to the resource cap while all of your builders are busy. Stagger your builders so that they become free at different times. As builders become free, you can dump resources into walls and then start your next upgrade with no delay.

        1. admin Post author

          Yup if you’ve got the time to play. Harder to pull off at late TH8/TH9 since a lot of the upgrades cost so much.

          1. Mark

            Interesting strategy. I’ve tried to spend all my resources to keep them low to prevent loses from attacks while my builders were busy, and then farm when they become available. Since there are caps on loses, I’ve wondered about the strategy you’re suggesting, as most of the resource will still be available after some loses. Might keep the builders constantly busy.

          2. admin Post author

            Yeah you should always be sitting at the resource cap if you have enough time to play, and as builders become free, save just enough resources to complete your next upgrade and dump the rest into walls. Maxing walls is so much easier if you try to stagger your upgrades so that there is at least 12 hours between when one builder becomes free. The loot cap at TH7 is 250k.. and you won’t get full cleared every time. It’s easy enough to farm 150k per raid so even if you do get full cleared, you’ll be at 3750k/4000k. Not a big deal.

  10. Bobby

    Hi thanks for your guide, i just changed my layout to your suggestion with 1 small change, i moved the mortar with the elixir storage so that the storage now sits in the center, this allows the 2 mortars to not only cover all the base but also protect each other. i will try it out and see what happens, but thanks once again for your help.

  11. Shubham

    I started playing 2 weeks ago and i’m already at TH lvl 6 in 24 hours. Just wanted to say thanks for your amazing layouts. I’ve been following them ever since i’m out of beginner’s protection.
    I want to ask what if i exchanged the places of gold and elixir storage since i always have plenty of elixir. Will the layout be as effective then ??

    Thanks 🙂


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