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More and more guides are added to this site each week. The main navigation bar is getting a little crowded, so I have added this page to serve as a navigational page for additional subcategories and even individual articles. Upcoming subcategories include Town Hall Upgrade Priority guides, Campaign Guides, Speed Leveling Guides, and Gem Guides.

  • Have an article request? Submit your request via the comment box at the bottom of this page! Many of the articles that appear on this site are the result of repeated requests from users. If a few people ask for an article on the same topic, it is likely something I will cover.

Latest CoC Guides

  • Town Hall 7 Upgrade Priority: Town Hall 7 brings with it a huge number of upgrades and new structures, but which should you get first? This guide outlines a specific upgrade order plan for new TH7 players.
  • Best Way to Spend Gems: Whether you earned them the hard way or bought them, you do not want to waste your gems. This guide outlines the best way to spend your gems in Clash of Clans for maximal returns.

Check back regularly for updates and additional guides. As subcategories are created, they will be added to the dropdown menu of this section along the top navigation bar.

2 thoughts on “More Clash of Clans Guides

  1. James

    Love the guides. I just moved to townhall 7 so this is perfect. Additional guides on clans would be great. Selecting a clan or even on building your own as well as feeder clans would be awesome. Thank you!

    1. admin Post author

      Sure, good suggestion. I’m getting to the point where I’m covering extraneous topics like that, so that could be a good one.


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