Clash of Clans Clan Castle Guide: Upgrades, Capacity, and Strategy

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The Clan Castle is arguably the most important defensive structure in Clash of Clans. This building can store units that will defend your base from enemy attack. Given that many units in Clash of Clans deal far more damage than your towers, the Clan Castle can be the strongest building you have on defense.

The Clan Castle also holds the loot rewards earned from Clan Wars. After a Clan War, your reward is automatically stored in the Clan Castle. It is not transferred into your normal storage structures and available for spending until you select the Clan Castle and select the “collect loot” option.

Clan Castle Upgrade Levels by Town Hall Level

As the Clan Castle increases in level, both its unit capacity and Clan War loot capacity will increase. As a result, it is important to keep your Clan Castle upgraded as you level up your Town Hall.

Note that the Clan Castle’s units can only be given to you via members of your Clan. Clan Castle units are all considered “donations”. One of the primary extrinsic motivators for joining a clan is to be able to receive units from clanmates in the form of donations. Note that donating units provides the donating player with credit towards an achievement along with a small amount of experience points based on the unit donated.

Clan CastleĀ Upgrade Costs and Capacity by Town Hall Level

Clan Castle LevelCostUnit CapacityGold Capacity (War)Elixir Capacity (War)Dark Elixir Capacity (War)Build TimeTown Hall Required
140,000 Gold1075,00075,000100Immediate3
2100,000 Gold15200,000200,0005006 Hours4
3800,000 Gold20400,000400,0001,0001 Day6
41,800,000 Gold25700,000700,0002,0002 Days8
55,000,000 Gold301,000,0001,000,0005,0007 Days9
67,000,000 Gold351,500,0001,500,00010,00014 Days10

Clan Castle Strategy

The Clan Castle is one of your best defensive structures (if not the best defensive structure), but only when used appropriately. Below we will discuss the types of units you should try to get in your Clan Castle, where to place your Clan Castle, and the relative importance of upgrading your Clan Castle in comparison to other structures.

Unit Choices

The Clan Castle is only as good as the units inside of it. Of utmost importance is to always keep your Clan Castle stocked with units, particularly if you are holding a lot of resources. A fully-loaded Clan Castle can literally be the difference between losing nothing and losing everything in an enemy raid.

For the purpose of cheap defensive units, Archers are the best bet. They are moderately effective due to their ability to shoot over walls. They also have solid DPS, making them good Clan Castle units. The biggest weakness of the Archer is that they are easily taken out by a Lightning Spell. Archers are also very weak when lured away from the base.

If you are in a clan that is willing to donate more expensive units or if you have an alt account, there are better options than the Archer. In particular, Wizards as well as the Dragon make some of the best Clan Castle units. Wizards deal great damage (and deal area of effect damage), while Dragons also deal area of effect damage, are flying units, and are difficult to kill (a Lightning Spell is not going to cut it).

Note that the Clan Castle can also be used for offensive purposes, especially for war battles. Trading powerful offensive units with clanmates or passing them along from an alt account can improve the strength of an attack significantly. One player donating a Golem (if high enough level), Hog Riders, Balloons, or a Dragon can significantly improve the strength of your attack.

Clan Castle Placement

Clan Castle placement is not terribly important before Town Hall 7. At Town Hall 7 and beyond, placementĀ becomes very important. Players tend to neutralize the Clan Castle’s units by using a unit or two to pull the units out, then drawing these units to the corner of the base where these units are then summarily destroyed with little loss. At Town Hall 7 and beyond, players have enough buildings where it can be made difficult to lure out Clan Castle units.

In order to prevent Clan Castle units from being lured out, the Clan Castle must be placed in the center of the base. You can see the Clan Castle’s trigger range by selecting the Clan Castle and viewing the white circle. Make sure there is no drop zone within the white circle, and try to place buildings along the perimeter of this white circle to prevent enemy units from easily triggering your Clan Castle units.

Clan Castle Upgrade Priority

The Clan Castle should be considered amongst your higher upgrade priorities. Increasing its capacity will significantly improve your defensive strength. However, it is not your number one upgrade. It is usually a better use of builders to grab brand new structures and buildings while focusing upgrades on the Laboratory. Imagine the Clan Castle as the strongest defensive tower; it should be upgraded first before you upgrade any other old towers, but upgrading other structures and setting up an appropriate base layout for your new Town Hall level takes precedence.

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      YT deleted the channel practically instantly after someone flagged a CoC guide as spam (not sure why the video was flagged and not sure why YouTube acted on the flag). Trying to get it back, but the appeal process seems very slow.

        1. admin Post author

          I actually think it was just some guy who was mad my videos had a lot of views. He commented on my video, accusing me of buying views, and then a day later that was the video that was reported. I’ve been reviewing the evidence and only 1 minute elapsed from the time my video was reported to when my account was deleted, meaning that the account closure had to be automatic rather than done manually. I suspect the large amount of views driven to my videos by this site (since this site is doing very well – thanks all for that!) may have looked suspicious to a bot. An algorithm has no way of knowing that the videos driven by the embedded players on this site are real or not.

  1. Mark

    I first experimented with Clan Castle troops toward the end of TH6 when I was upgrading the air defense (5 days). I swapped in the Clan Castle near the center of the base and requested troops and it was amazing to see the power and defensive improvement. I started getting defensive wins, which is unusual with exposed TH. I actually had one case of a 0% defense win where 13 giants couldn’t take out the exposed air defense because of the clan castle troops. It also does help to have higher TH clan mates donating level 4 and level 5 archers. I’m sold that the clan castle is one of the most important defensive buildings and I’m looking forward to TH7 where the castle can be central without sacrificing something else.

    1. admin Post author

      Awesome. Having a loaded Clan Castle is a night and day difference, it really is your most powerful defensive structure.

  2. Mark

    For donating dragons without having an alt account, any tips for how to have them available in army camp when using barchers for typical attacks? I’m thinking I wouldn’t want to reduce my army by 20 per dragon and also not use dragons for attacks.

    1. admin Post author

      You’d have to coordinate with someone in your Clan to trade dragons. Since a Dragon takes 30 minutes to train, there isn’t a lot of downtime if you do it right. Upon reaching your supply cap with a Barcher army (probably 200/200 I’m guessing), start a Dragon at 1 of your Barracks. At the other 3 Barracks, you can queue Barbs and Archers. Go on a farming raid. When you finish the raid, the Dragon will still have 25-27 minutes left, while the other 3 Barracks will likely have produced 20 units or so already. You will actually be able to fill out another 200/200 army before the Dragon finishes. The Dragon won’t pop until you spend your units on another raid or you dismiss enough units to allow it to come out. Donate the Dragon to the clanmate and let them train the return Dragon at their leisure, at that point your work is done.

      1. Mark

        Thanks! What if there are clan mates that offer more exotic dark troops (th9, th10). Would they be even better than a dragon?

        1. admin Post author

          Well yeah the top clans often donate for offensive purposes, donating golems or wiz/witch is common to fund faster attacks

  3. LS

    Thx For The info,im townhall lvl 8,now i always have dragon or archer inside clan castle,they’re really helpful,hope you get your youtube channel


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