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Clash of Clans Town Hall 9 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

At Town Hall 9 in Clash of Clans, the recommended order in which to build and upgrade buildings shifts dramatically. While previous upgrade orders tended to focus on improving offensive strength as a main objective and defensive strength as a secondary objective, this is no longer the case at Town Hall 9.

The reason for this change is two-fold. First, many upgrades and new structures available at Town Hall 9 are very expensive. A lot of times you will be better of just getting what you can afford in order to keep your builders active rather than attempting to save resources for the “best” upgrade.

The second reason for changing upgrade priorities is due to the fact that at Town Hall 9, you will be attacked by much stronger armies and players than at Town Hall 8. High level TH9 and TH10 players will attack you with high regularity (even with an exposed Town Hall) if you get close to the resource cap (which only requires about 3 million gold/elixir or ~20,000 Dark Elixir). Given that most upgrades cost more than the resource cap, you get hit hard all the time if your defense is not up to par.

TH9 High Priority Task List

As mentioned above, this is a rough guideline for how to upgrade your base at Town Hall 9. Based on resource constraints, you may need to move out of order when upgrading or pause briefly while you gather additional resources.

Builder 1. Laboratory –> Spell Factory

The first builder should start upgrading the Laboratory as a top priority. The most important upgrade to start as soon is this finishes is Barbarian level 6. It is not only cheaper than many of the other upgrades, but it also results in a solid increase in the Barbarian’s stats. Given that the best way to farm at early TH9 is via Barbarians and Archers, getting level 6 Barbarians quickly is very useful.

You may need to undertake a few raids in between starting the research on Barbarians level 6 and starting the upgrade on the Spell Factory given the high Elixir cost of both items. If there is something small you can upgrade in between (such as one of the new towers), go ahead and stick it in here in order to keep your builders occupied.

Builder 2. New Walls –> New X-Bow #1 –> New X-Bow #2

The second builder should add the 25 new walls available at Town Hall 9 and then start constructing an X-Bow. If you did not come into Town Hall 9 with a lot of resources saved (which you should have), it may take a little time to start this X-Bow. As soon as the first X-Bow finishes, you should have been able to save enough gold to not only start the second X-Bow, but also upgrade the new walls to level 5 (which is good enough for now).

Builder 3. Archer Queen –> Dark Elixir Drill –> Army Camp Upgrades –> Task #7.

Ideally, you came into Town Hall 9 with enough Dark Elixir saved to buy an Archer Queen. If not, you can skip starting with the Archer Queen and just add it when you get the 40,000 Dark Elixir you need.

With Builder #3, we are going to start building the Dark Elixir Drill. Not only is Dark Elixir a very tight resource at Town Hall 9, but you should have some extra Elixir coming into Town Hall 9 (since the only other starting Elixir-Based building is the Laboratory).

This builder should then focus on upgrading the 4 existing Army Camps. No other builders will be used for Army Camps (even though Army Camps are important) because you will need to save your Elixir for research at the Laboratory.

As soon as you finish upgrading all of your Army Camps, have this builder jump to Task #7 on the priority list, regardless of how far you have proceeded on the previous tasks.

Builder 4 & 5. New Archer Tower –> New Air Defense Tower –> New Wizard Tower –> New Gold & Elixir Storage –> Switch Base Set-Up –> Upgrade Storage Structures –> New Hidden Tesla

Some players will have 4 builders at TH9, some players will have 5 builders. It depends how many achievements you worked on and how diligently you saved your gems up until this point. Whether you have 4 or 5 builders, it does not matter too much, as these builders will work through these upgrades in order, whether it is with one builder or two.

Start by adding all three new towers (aside from the Hidden Tesla tower). Next, add the new Gold Storage and Elixir Storage building. This whole process should not take very long (less than a day). After placing these two new storage structures, you can swap your defense to an appropriate Town Hall 9 base.

Once you are sitting on a good TH9 base layout, you can then upgrade your storage structures to level 11 and add the new Hidden Tesla tower.

Second Priority Tasks at Town Hall 9

Once builders finish their tasks above, they can start working through these second priority tasks in order. If you do not farm aggressively, you likely are going to have builders resting at some point. Many building upgrades cost 4,000,000+ gold, while maxing out Dark Elixir Drills and completing high end research can cost as much as 6,000,000 Elixir per upgrade.

This list below highlights a rough order of importance. You may want or even need to skip around based on the amount of resources you have and your builder timings.

Note that if you ever have enough Dark Elixir to upgrade the Archer Queen or Barbarian King, you should make that your next upgrade. Sitting on 20,000+ Dark Elixir at Town Hall 9 is a good way to get raided by a high-level army.

Task 1. Complete Early Tower Upgrades

As a first task after completing the high priority upgrades, work on getting your new Archer Tower, Air Defense tower, and Wizard Tower up to a respectable level. Taking them up to the Town Hall 7 or 8 cap is about right before we move on from here (level 9-10 for the Archer Tower, level 5-6 for the Air Defense tower, and level 5-6 for the Wizard Tower).

Task 2. Upgrade Air Defense Towers One At A Time

Air Defense towers take a long time to upgrade and upgrading more than one at a time leaves you very vulnerable to attacks. You can upgrade one tower at a time without significantly impairing your air defense. With the introduction of the Lava Hound and popularity of Balloonion attacks at Town Hall 9, upgrading your Air Defense is a fairly high priority.

Task 3. Upgrade Mortars One at a Time

Just like with the Air Defense tower, upgrading the Mortar results in a large increase in defensive capabilities, but upgrading more than one at a time leaves you susceptible to attacks. Mortars are also a fairly cheap upgrade for Town Hall 9, costing just 3.2 million gold to take from level 6 to level 7.

Task 4. Upgrade Clan Castle

By about this time in your progress through Town Hall 9, you likely will be able to take out tough enough opponents in Clan Wars that you will need to upgrade your Clan Castle by necessity in order to hold more loot. Increasing the unit capacity of this structure also offers a nice offensive and defensive boost.

While the Clan Castle is an important upgrade, it is also difficult to save 5,000,000 gold if you have a weak defense, so the upgrade priority for this building was placed a little lower than it otherwise might be on this task list. If you are a dedicated player and play enough to attack several times in a row, you may be able to get the Clan Castle earlier. If you can save up the gold, go ahead and move this task to priority 3.

Task 5. Upgrade Wizard Towers One at a Time

Much like the Mortar, upgrading the Wizard Tower results in a large increase in defensive strength. However, upgrading the Wizard Tower costs more gold than the Mortar, so it is easier to upgrade the Mortar first.

Upgrade Wizard Towers one at a time. If you are upgrading too many Wizard Towers, you will be susceptible to both Barbarian/Archer and Minion-based attacks.

Task 6. Upgrade X-Bows One at a Time

While the X-Bow itself does not do a massive amount of damage, its very long range and capacity to hit air and ground units means that in the average raid it will contribute more to your overall damage than any other single-target tower (Cannons, Archer Towers, and Hidden Teslas).

X-Bows provide a solid amount of anti-air defense, so hopefully you will be finished upgrading your Air Defense towers (or at least have 2 Air Defense towers at level 7) by the time you reach this step. X-Bows are particularly good at handling Minions, which can otherwise overwhelm Air Defense towers.

Task 7. Assign One Builder to Upgrade Dark Elixir Drills, Dark Barracks, and Dark Elixir Storage

Upon upgrading all of your Army Camps to level 7, the builder assigned to formerly assigned to upgrading the Army Camps should begin focusing on other Elixir-based upgrades. It is good to permanently assign one builder to Elixir-based buildings in order to prevent Elixir from getting building up too high. Much of your Elixir will go towards research, but if you are farming enough to support all the other tower upgrades on this list, you should have spare Elixir for these tasks.

The highest priority structure to upgrade at this point would be the Dark Elixir Drill. Getting this upgraded fairly early on in the Town Hall 9 lifecycle will pay dividends. A level 6 Dark Elixir drill produces 2,400 Dark Elixir a day; two of them will produce 4,800 a day! That is 33,600 Dark Elixir a week and nearly 150k Dark Elixir per month. This means several (early) Hero levels per month just from Dark Elixir Drill production.

Once the Dark Elixir Drills are maxed, have this builder focus on upgrading the Dark Barracks. This will give you access to both the Witch and Lava Hound. Both units may prove interesting at this mid-way point through Town Hall 9 as you can use them as part of a War army composition to 3-star other TH9 players.

While you are not likely to approach the Dark Elixir cap, it is useful to upgrade this storage structure to reduce the amount of Dark Elixir stolen via zapping (Lightning Spells). Upgrading the DE storage increases the health of this structure and hence reduces the effectiveness of zapping.

If your Elixir is still building up too much even with research and this builder spending it on structure upgrades, you can always spend spare Elixir on Wall upgrades.

Task 7. Upgrade Archer Towers, Cannons, and Hidden Tesla Towers

Odds are you will reach this step while some of your builders are still stuck on previous steps. You will have one builder still working on the Dark Barracks, another builder still working on X-Bows, and possibly a third builder still working on Wizard Towers. The fourth and fifth builders can then start to work on upgrading the Archer Towers, Cannons, and Hidden Tesla towers to their new maximum level.

The order in which you upgrade these structures is not terribly important. Instead, you should focus on the amount of time it takes to complete each upgrade. When you are dealing with upgrades that take 6-12 days to complete, it is important to try and stagger your builders so that a builder is available for dumping resources (either on walls or hero upgrades) every 2 days.

For example, if you have 5 builders, and the first 3 builders have 2 days, 4 days, and 6 days left on their current assignments, the last thing you would want to do would be to upgrade the Archer Tower from level 10 to level 11. This upgrade finishes in 6 days, meaning that the builder assigned to this task would finish its task at the exact same time as a previously assigned builder. Instead, you would want to upgrade a Cannon (5 day build time) with builder #4 and, if you have a 5th builder, assign it to a very long upgrade (Hidden Tesla).

Due to the advantages of staggering your builders in this manner, there is no hard set priority when it comes to upgrade order between Cannons, Archer Towers, and Hidden Teslas.

Task 8. Research, Upgrading Heroes and Walls

Even after you finish all of your tower upgrades at Town Hall 9, it can be useful to hang out at TH9 for awhile before going up to Town Hall 10. You should focus primarily on farming Dark Elixir so that you can upgrade your heroes and complete Dark Barracks research, while spare gold and Elixir can be used to upgrade walls.

There is a limit to how long you should stay at Town Hall 9 however. You do not want to sit around and max out all your walls or even try to upgrade your heroes to their maximum level. Instead, once you complete all the research available to you at TH9, it is time to move on to the next level. Hopefully you will have both of your heroes to level 20 by the time all of your research is finished. Even if they are both only level 15, that should be adequate. If your heroes are lower than level 15 each, I would hang out at TH9 for awhile and try to push them to a higher level.

As a general rule, once you have nothing left to upgrade at the Laboratory and all of your buildings (aside from walls) are at the max level, it is time to upgrade to the next Town Hall level. Even if most of your walls are level 7 or 8, go for TH10. There is no point sitting at TH9 with 5 builders idle and nothing to research while you gather resources for walls. It is better to move up where it will be easier to get Dark Elixir so that you can focus on something that will really improve your raiding strength (extra hero levels, new tiers of research, larger Army Camps, new tower levels, etc).

Clash of Clans Town Hall 8 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Town Hall 8 is a big upgrade for players of Clash of Clans. With the introduction of 4 additional defensive towers, upgrades for many pre-existing buildings, and the introduction of the Dark Elixir Drill, there are many upgrades and structures to choose from when you first hit Town Hall 8.

In this upgrade order priority guide, I will be breaking down which buildings you should focus on (builder by builder) in order to ensure a smooth and efficient leveling process.

Town Hall 8 High Priority Structures & Upgrades

When you reach Town Hall 8, you should have each of your builders work through the progressions below. You should have unlocked your fourth builder by Town Hall 8 (via slowly stockpiling gems from achievements, gem boxes, and clearing debris), but just in case you have not done so yet, I have combined the activities of Builder #3 and Builder #4. If you have four builders, you will work through this task list twice as fast. It is not the end of the world if you only have 3 builders – it will just take a little longer.

Builder #1. Laboratory –> Clan Castle Level 4

The first builder only has two items on his task list: upgrading the Laboratory and Clan Castle. Upgrading the Laboratory to level 6 is a must. The level 5 upgrades for the Archer, Giant, Goblin, Barbarian, and Wall Breaker are all massive stat increases and become available upon upgrading the Laboratory. It is important to get started on these upgrades immediately.

Upgrading the Clan Castle early is useful because it increases your defensive strength and allows you to win larger amounts of loot in Clan Wars. At Town Hall 8, you should be able to hit targets that reward more loot than your old Clan Castle can hold, so you want to lift this limitation early on in the TH8 leveling process.

Builder #2. Dark Elixir Drill –> Dark Elixir Drill Level 2 –> Dark Elixir Drill Level 3 –> Dark Elixir Storage Level 3 –> Dark Elixir Storage Level 4

The second builder will focus on Dark Elixir-based upgrades. It may seem strange to build and upgrade the Drill as a high priority task, but understand that Dark Elixir is by far your #1 limited resource at Town Hall 8 and the drill actually produces a decent amount of it (a little over 1,000 Dark Elixir a day at level 3).  You’ll spend 2-3 months (or more) maxing out at Town Hall 8; the Dark Elixir Drill will produce 60,000+ Dark Elixir during that time if you get and upgrade it early.

After upgrading the Dark Elixir Drill, this builder is then responsible for upgrading the Dark Elixir Storage structure. While odds are you will not come close to the Dark Elixir storage cap at Town Hall 8, odds are you will get “zapped” (slang for your Dark Elixir storage getting hit with 3-4 Lightning Spells) with some regularity. The higher level your Dark Elixir Storage, the higher its health. The higher the health of the Dark Elixir Storage, the less Dark Elixir can be stolen via zapping.

Note that all of the important Elixir upgrades are intentionally stacked on this builder. Spacing out the Elixir spend ensures that you have enough Elixir to spare to constantly research at the Laboratory. If you wind up with far too much Elixir, you can always spend it to upgrade your Walls.

Builder #3 & Builder #4. New Walls –> New Archer Tower –> New Air Defense Tower –> New Wizard Tower –> New Storage Structures –> Rearrange Base –> Upgrade Storage Structures

With your third (and hopefully fourth) builder, you can work towards getting down all the new defensive structures available at Town Hall 8 so we can quickly work towards a good base layout. Start by placing your 50 new walls and building the three new towers (not counting the new Hidden Tesla). Next, add the new Gold Storage and Elixir Storage structures.

Once you have these structures down, you can rearrange your base to match my recommended Town Hall 8 Farming Base Layout. Just leave the Hidden Tesla space empty for now. After setting up the new base, go ahead and have the builders start to upgrade all of your Gold and Elixir Storage structures to max level.

Spreading out your resources amongst three storage points instead of just two points makes it much harder for enemies to get all of your loot thanks to the loot cap system. Note that at Town Hall 8, the most an enemy player can take from you is 300k of each Gold and Elixir. If you have just two Gold and Elixir storage units, each one will give the opponent up to 150k resources each. If you have three units of each type, each one will only give the opponent a maximum of 100k resources each. Adding extra storage buildings makes it much harder for the opponent to get your loot. Upgrading these resource storage buildings early is much more about protecting your loot than it is about getting more storage space.

  • Always Upgrade the Barbarian King First: Builders #3 and #4 should always be tasked with upgrading the Barbarian King as a top priority at this stage. These builders come free fairly often, so your Barbarian King should not have to wait long to get an upgrade. Sitting on a lot of Dark Elixir is to your own detriment, as players at this level will hit you hard with regularity in order to take it.

Second Priority TH8 Task List

Once you have set up a good Town Hall 8 defense and have your new structures in place, Builders #3 and #4 can start working on this second priority task list. Builder #1 will follow shortly. Builder #2 will take quite awhile to join this list, given that his tasks take a little under 2 weeks to complete.

Follow the tasks in order. Many of the tasks are limited to 1 builder at a time, at which point the remaining builders should move down to the next task. This is denoted in the guide.

Note that should you ever have enough Dark Elixir to start the Barbarian King’s next upgrade, have your next free builder start on that upgrade as a top priority. You never want to sit on that much Dark Elixir as its just going to get stolen by the opponent. Once you hit level 10 on the Barbarian King, you can start using spare Dark Elixir on research (it is very useful to get Minions up to level 3 or 4 if you have the spare Dark Elixir – comes in handy at TH9).

Task #1. Upgrade New Towers (1 Day or Less)

The first order of business is upgrading the brand new Wizard Tower, Archer Tower, and Air Defense tower through their early upgrades. This just references upgrades that take 1 day or less to complete. This will bring these new buildings up to a functional level and result in a quick increase in defensive strength. We will upgrade these to higher levels later.

Task #2. Add New Hidden Tesla Tower

After upgrading your new towers through their first few levels, take a builder and add the new Hidden Tesla tower that became available at this level.

Task #3. Upgrade Air Defense Towers One At A Time

Upgrading more than one Air Defense tower at a time leaves you extremely vulnerable to air-based attacks, which become increasingly common at Town Hall 8. As a result, you want to upgrade just one Air Defense tower at a time.

The Air Defense tower not only takes exceptionally long to upgrade, but doing so increases your defensive capabilities significantly. As a result, it is useful to assign one builder to perpetually focus on upgrading Air Defense towers until these structures are maxed.

Task #4. Put 1 Builder on Hidden Tesla Duty

Hidden Teslas take an extremely long time to upgrade. Not only does each upgrade take a long time, but the level cap on the Hidden Tesla tower rises from 3 to 6 when going from Town Hall 7 to 8. While upgrading them is not technically as important as upgrading splash towers as the Mortar or Wizard Tower, if you ignore the Hidden Tesla completely, it will slow down the leveling process given how long it takes to upgrade.

Going from level 1 to 2 takes three days, from 2 to 3 takes five days, from 3 to 4 takes six days, from 4 to 5 takes eight days, and from 5 to 6 takes a whopping ten days. In other words, your newly built Hidden Tesla tower will take 32 days to go from level one to the Town Hall 8 cap of level six.

It is best to get a head start on the Hidden Tesla by upgrading early. You can likely reach level 4 on all three Hidden Teslas by the time we reach Task #7.

Task #5. Upgrade Mortars and Wizard Tower (Limit 1 of Each)

While Builder #1 is on Air Defense duty and Builder #2 is on Hidden Tesla duty, your third and fourth builder can focus on upgrading your Mortars and Wizard Towers. You should only upgrade 1 Mortar and 1 Wizard Tower at a time; upgrading too many Mortars or Wizard Towers at once can leave you vulnerable to attack. Upgrading these towers results in a big increase in defensive strength, but this is the earliest they fit in given their relatively quick upgrade time compared to the Air Defense and Hidden Tesla tower.

Task #6. Put 1 Builder on Barracks Duty

The first builder that is free from the previous tasks is hereby assigned to Barracks Duty. Upgrade your Barracks, one at a time. It is best to only upgrade the Barracks one at a time in order to not drastically cut into your unit production (and hence farming) capabilities.

While it is not an essential task, it is very convenient to have the increased unit queue. Even if you never (or rarely) plan on making P.E.K.K.As, I highly recommend maxing out your Barracks.

Task #7. Upgrade Cannons, Archer Towers, and Hidden Tesla Towers

At this point, any and all free builders not dedicated to another task should be working on upgrading Cannons, Archer Towers, and Hidden Tesla Towers to their maximum level. The order in which you upgrade is not terribly important – I would worry more about staggering your builder’s free time so you can upgrade your walls rather than worrying about the specific building to upgrade.

In other words, do not have all 3 builders (assuming one is still on Barracks Duty) begin upgrading the Hidden Teslas from level 5 to level 6. This would tie up all 3 builders for 10 days and make it quite difficult for you to spend excess resources on walls or Barbarian King upgrades. Instead, try to stagger your upgrades so that a builder is coming free at least once every 2-2.5 days.

Task #8. Add The Second Dark Barracks & Upgrade Both Dark Barracks

As you are finishing up the final upgrades on your defensive structures, the first two builders that free up can begin working on the both Dark Barracks. Build the new Dark Barracks and work towards upgrading both to level 4.

I give the Dark Barracks and its upgrades a low priority at Town Hall 8 as I do not recommend using Dark Barracks units at this level. They cost too much Dark Elixir and Dark Elixir is the limiting resource at TH8. It is easier to just use Dragons or Giants and Wizards as a power army.

Task #9. Start Town Hall 9

Once the aforementioned upgrades are completed, you can start working on Town Hall 9. If your defensive towers are maxed and you are working on level 4 of your Dark Barracks, you can start Town Hall 9. You do not have to sit there and wait for the Dark Barracks to finish upgrading.

If for some reason you came into Town Hall 8 without everything maxed out and you have buildings that are not maxed out at this point (aside from Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, and Walls), please max out these structures before upgrading TH9.

Task #10. Upgrade Traps, Walls, Gold Mines, and Elixir Collectors

While working towards Town Hall 9, you can work on upgrading your traps, walls, Gold Mines, and Elixir Collectors. You do not have to max out your traps before starting TH9, but your three free builders likely will be able to max out the level of your traps (or come very close) given how long the TH9 upgrade takes.

You do not need to max out your walls to upgrade to Town Hall 9. In fact, I would recommend not waiting at all for walls. Walls only result in a modest increase in defensive strength. It is easier to gather resources at Town Hall 9 than it is at Town Hall 8, so there is no point in waiting as long as the rest of your structures are at their maximum level. If you were diligent in farming, your walls should be level 7 at this point, but level 8 walls are not required to go to Town Hall 9.

As you get close to unlocking Town Hall 9, do your best to save up as much Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir as possible. While you do not have to be sitting at the Dark Elixir cap of 80k, it is useful to have at least 40k Dark Elixir so that you can get an Archer Queen upon unlocking Town Hall 9. It is also useful to have at least 5,000,000 Gold and Elixir saved as you head into Town Hall 9 – it makes the transition process much less painful.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 3 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

In Clash of Clans, Town Hall level 3 is the first level where you get access to multiple new structures and building upgrades that actually have a bit of a time requirement associated with them. As a result, you cannot have all your upgrades and new structures at once, but instead have to choose what you want to get first.

In this Town Hall 3 upgrade order guide, I will discuss the most efficient order for building and upgrading structures in Clash of Clans in order to maximize your farming ability and speed up the leveling process.

Town Hall 3 Priority Tasks

At Town Hall 3, we can actually dictate the order in which we are going to upgrade structures based on the builder. If you follow this guide directly, you can actually start on upgrading to Town Hall 4 within 24 hours of reaching Town Hall 3.

Builder #1. Elixir Storage Upgrades –> Laboratory –> New Storage Structures & Upgrades –> Clan Castle –> Town Hall Level 4

The first builder needs to start building the Laboratory as soon as Town Hall level 3 is reached. However, you will not have enough Elixir capacity to start the Laboratory. Get your Elixir capacity up to 25,000 and then start the Laboratory. Upgrading your Barbarians to level 2 is the most important thing you can do to increase your farming ability. It is important to start researching as soon as the Lab is finished. The Lab should always be researching unit upgrades, as this research is the biggest timesink at early to mid Town Hall levels.

As soon as the Laboratory is finished, start building and upgrading your Gold and Elixir storage structures. It is important to start and upgrade these early as it increases the maximum amount of resources you can hold. With a bigger resource pool, you can farm more resources while your builders are occupied. This gives you a larger spare resource pool which you can use to upgrade your walls. You should always strive to farm up to your resource cap while your builders are busy so that you can spend these excess resources on wall upgrades before starting the next structure or upgrade.

After maxing out your storage structures, unlock the Clan Castle. The Clan Castle is completes instantly, so no delay here. Next, have this builder start on Town Hall level 4. This may seem like a very early upgrade, but consider that Town Hall level 4 takes a full day to complete, while most of the upgrades at this level only require a few hours to complete.

Builder #2. New Army Camp –> Upgrade Army Camps –> Mortar –> Upgrade Towers –> Upgrade Barracks

The second builder needs to be responsible for building and upgrading Army Camps and defensive structures. The builder should first start by building the new Army Camp and then upgrading each Army Camp to its maximum level. As soon as the Army Camps are finished, you will need to upgrade your existing Gold Storage building in order to allow it to hold more gold.

Once you can hold 8,000+ gold, you can start constructing the new Mortar defensive tower available at this level. As soon as the Mortar is finished, all existing Cannons and Archer Towers should be upgraded to their new maximum level.

The Town Hall 4 upgrade will likely begin constructing a little bit before Builder #2 finishes maxing out the defensive towers. This is perfectly acceptable, as upgrading the 2 Barracks available at Town Hall 3 to their new maximum level does not take very long.

If Builder #2 finishes all of these structures and upgrades before Town Hall 4 completes, effort should be taken to max out walls (this is likely already done if you were diligent in farming). If your walls are completely maxed before Town Hall 4 finishes, you can keep Builder #2 busy by building and upgrading Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. Do not worry about maxing out mines or collectors before going up to Town Hall 4.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 4 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Town Hall 4 is a very quick level in Clash of Clans if you upgrade efficiently. in this upgrade order priority guide, I will discuss the right order in which to upgrade and build new structures at Town Hall 4 in Clash of Clans.

At Town Hall 4, I am assuming most players still have two builders (which is likely unless a player buys gems or spends a lot of time Town Hall sniping for the 1250 trophy achievement). The truth is that two builders is all that is needed at this Town Hall level, as two builders can max out most buildings by the time new research finishes.

Town Hall 4 High Priority Upgrades

These high priority upgrades should be undertaken in order before any other structures or upgrades. As soon as these structures are finished, proceed to the second priority tasks and undertake those upgrades in order.

Builder #1. Upgrade Laboratory –> Upgrade Storage Structures

The first priority as soon as you reach Town Hall 4 is to start upgrading the Laboratory. The biggest timesink at Town Hall 4 is completing all of the research available at this level. By starting the Laboratory early, you can start on the research earlier.

It may seem odd to upgrade your storage structures (Gold and Elixir Storage) so early on, but there is a reason for this. The idea here is to increase the maximum amount of resources you can hold so that you can farm up to the resource cap while builders are busy working. When a builder becomes free, you can then spend any excess resources on wall upgrades before starting the next upgrade. By upgrading storage structures early, you will significantly increase your ability to upgrade your walls in a timely fashion.

Builder #2. Place Walls –> New Barracks –> Barracks Level 2 –> New Archer Tower –> FIx Base –> Upgrade Army Camps

The second builder will be very busy at Town Hall 4. First, this builder should build all the new walls and spend excess resources upgrading these walls. This builder can then build a new Barracks and upgrade it to level two. This builder can then start building the new Archer Tower unlocked at level 4. Once starting the Archer Tower, you can rearrange your base to a good Town Hall 4 farming defense.

After rearranging your base to make room for your new walls and Archer Tower, builder #2 can start upgrading each Army Camp to its new maximum level.

TH4 Second Priority Tasks

After finishing off the primary tasks (which takes a little less than a day), it is time to start working on these secondary tasks. It only takes a day or so to complete the first two tasks, at which point you can start upgrading to Town Hall 5.

Task #1. Upgrade the Clan Castle

Have one builder upgrade the Clan Castle. Increasing the capacity of this structure from 10 to 15 units can boost your strength noticeably, particularly if you are in a clan where higher level players can donate to you.

Task #2. Build the Air Defense Tower and Upgrade All Towers to the New Maximum Level

Next, upgrade all towers to their maximum level allowed at Town Hall 4. The longest upgrade here is the Air Defense tower, which takes a full day to upgrade to level 2. Upgrading the rest of the towers to their new maximum only takes around a day, so one builder can focus on the Air Defense tower while the other builder can focus on the Cannons, Archer Towers, and Mortar.

Task #3.  Use One Builder to Start Town Hall 5, Use the Remaining Builder to Upgrade Barracks

After maxing out your defensive towers, start upgrading towards Town Hall 5. It takes a full 2 days for Town Hall 5 to complete, so we should start this upgrade before fully upgrading everything. Use your free builder to upgrade your 3 Barracks to their new max level.

Task #4. Build & Upgrade Mines & Collectors

If you finish upgrading the Barracks to their maximum level before the Town Hall 5 upgrade finishes, you can put your free builder(s) to work by building and upgrading Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. Do not worry about maxing these out before reaching Town Hall 5. Most of your resources at this level will not come from collectors and mines but rather from farming. It is not worth delaying the Town Hall 5 upgrade in order to max out these collectors.

About Walls

Walls should be upgraded throughout this process. Try to farm excess resources while your builders are occupied. When a builder becomes free, you can use these extra resources to upgrade walls before starting the next upgrade.

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Clash of Clans Lava Hound Unit Guide: Stats, Upgrade Levels, & Strategy

The Lava Hound is one of the largest units in Clash of Clans (along with the Golem), taking up 30 housing spaces in Army Camps and the Clan Castle. Fortunately, the Lava Hound is a little cheaper than the Golem, running only 390 Dark Elixir at level 1 and 510 Dark Elixir at level 3.

In this guide to the Lava Hound in Clash of Clans, we will cover unit stats, training and research costs, upgrade levels, and strategies for using this unit to your advantage.

Lava Hound Basic Information, Stats, and Levels

Training Time: 45 minutes
Supply Cost: 30
Movement Speed: 20
Targets: Ground & Air
Preferred Target: Air Defense Towers
Dark Barracks Required: Level 6

LevelDamage Per Second (DPS)Attack SpeedDamage Per HitHitpoints
1101 attack per 2 seconds205700
2121 attack per 2 seconds246200
3141 attack per 2 seconds286700
LevelTraining Cost (Dark Elixir)Upgrade Cost (Dark Elixir)Laboratory LevelTown Hall Requirement
245060,000 (10 Days)79
351070,000 (12 days)810
LevelLava Pups ProducedLava Pup DPSLava Pup Damage Per HitLava Pup Health

The Lava Hound is the only true air tanking unit in Clash of Clans. It does virtually no damage, but possesses a large amount of health and parks itself over top of an enemy’s Air Defense towers. Consider a Lava Hound versus an enemy level 7 Air Defense tower. While this high level tower does massive a massive 280 damage per second, the Lava Hound has 5,700 health at level 1. It will take this Air Defense tower just over 20 seconds to take out the Lava Hound.

While the Lava Hound is distracting the opponent with its high health pool, players can flood in with high damage (per housing cost) units like Minions or Balloons. The Lava Hound also has the advantage of clearing out traps so that your Minions do not get hit by Air Bombs.

Upon death, the Lava Hound splits into a number of “Lava Pups”. These are light flying air units similar to Minions. The Lava Pups will then attack the nearest target. The Lava Hound itself does not deal any damage upon death (unlike the Golem).

CoC Lava Hound Strategy

As mentioned above, the Lava Hound is meant to be a flying tank. Its very large health (even higher than the Golem’s) is meant to soak up damage from Air Defense towers to give your other flying units a chance to deal damage. The only problem with the Lava Hound is that it takes up a large amount of housing space; if you build too many, you will not have enough units available to do the damage you need to in order to have a successful raid.

Due to the Lava Hound requiring a level 6 Dark Barracks and having a relatively high Dark Elixir cost, the Lava Hound is not a unit typically used by most players. While it requires Town Hall 9, only late TH9 players and primarily TH10 players are likely to use the Lava Hound with any regularity. Newer TH9s will likely find their Dark Elixir better spent on upgrading through their early hero levels. New TH9s will also likely need to spend some time upgrading Minions, Balloons, or Dragons to a high level as well; Lava Hounds are only as good as the damage-dealing units backing them up.

Lava Hounds in War Battles and Trophy Pushing

Lava Hounds are a solid alternative to Golem-based armies for high-level trophy farming or War battles. They can be used to take down high TH9 and TH10 players, revitalizing some of the air-based armies which otherwise lost effectiveness as players began to max out their bases and get Inferno Towers.

There are multiple combinations of units that can be used with the Lava Hound. If multiple (2-3) Lava Hounds are used, they will be able to soak up enemy tower fire for quite a long time. After dropping a few Lava Hounds, follow with a wave of Minions, Balloons, Dragons, or some combination of the three.

Using Rage Spells after initial deployment is key to the success of this strategy. The Lava Hounds will not live forever and deal very little damage, so it is important to clear as much of the enemy’s base as possible while the Lava Hounds are still alive.

Freeze Spells work great with the Lava Hound, particularly if the enemy has Inferno Towers set to single target. You cannot allow a single-target Inferno Tower to target a high-health Lava Hound; that will work out very poorly for you. Use a Freeze Spell to interrupt the Inferno Tower until your other units can come in and finish the job.

A Lightning Spell is also extremely useful to pair with Lava Hound and air-based armies. When the Lava Hound triggers the Clan Castle, the most dangerous units that can spill out of the Clan Castle are Wizards. Enemy Wizards do massive DPS, and if 6 or 7 Wizards spill out of the Clan Castle, they will take down your Lava Hounds in a matter of seconds. Use a LIghtning Spell to wipe the Wizards out.

Air armies generally do not play well with heroes, but heroes can be deployed strategically after the air attack to push you over the edge on a close clear. You may find yourself with a 45% clear or the Town Hall still alive. Placing your heroes intelligently can allow you to get up to a 50% clear or to nab the Town Hall.

Lava Hounds in Farming

Town Hall 9/10 players can get some use out of the Lava Hound for farming battles; a combination of 2 Lava Hounds could be used to support a typical Balloonion (Balloon and Minion) composition. Make sure that the extra supply count for the Lava Hounds comes at the expense of Balloons; you will not need nearly as many Balloons if you have Lava Hounds tanking the fire.

Drop 2 Lava Hounds, slightly staggered, then follow in with a line of Balloons. Use a Rage Spell or two to boost your Balloons further into the enemy’s base, and immediately follow with a wave of Minions. This composition is very effective at coring towards an enemy’s Dark Elixir storage – just make sure there is 2,000+ DE available to make the attack worth it.

Lava Hounds usage in farming is the same as their use in trophy pushing and war battles. At the very top echelons of play where Lava Hounds are most likely to be used, there is not much difference between farming and trophy pushing. Not only do many players keep some of their resources exposed in an effort to better protect their Town Hall, but the match bonus itself provides a large amount of resources.

Lava Hound Weaknesses

The Lava Hound has three main weaknesses: its low damage, single-target Inferno Towers, and Wizards in the Clan Castle.

  • Damage: The Lava Hound does almost no damage. You will need to support it with high-damage air units like Minions or Balloons in order to make the Lava Hound a useful unit.
  • Inferno Tower: The Inferno Tower set to single-target mode will tear up a Lava Hound. Use Freeze Spells and make sure your offensive units are right behind the Lava Hound in order to take down the Inferno Towers before they can do any harm.
  • Wizards: Wizards in the enemy’s Clan Castle are dangerous. Use a Lightning Spell to take the Wizards out. A few shots from a group of Wizards will take out a Lava Hound.

Lava Hounds and Spells

The Lava Hound is not a direct beneficiary of spells. The Rage Spell is not very useful, given how little damage the Lava Hound does. The Lava Hound has too much health to benefit from the Healing Spell.

The Lava Hound does benefit indirectly from spells. The Freeze Spell can lock down Inferno Towers while the Lightning Spell can take out Clan Castle units. Damage-dealing units supporting the Lava Hound will also benefit from the Rage Spell.

Lava Hounds as a Clan Castle Unit

The Lava Hound is not much of a defensive unit in the Clan Castle. It does very little damage and as a result can be taken out fairly easily. However, it is useful for offensive purposes. If you have an alt account, you can donate yourself a Lava Hound to save a lot of training time.

Donating yourself Lava Hounds can make a Balloon/Minion/Lava Hound composition much easier to pull together for farming purposes. At your main base, 1 Dark Barracks can train a Lava Hound, one can train Minions, and the 4 Barracks can train Balloons. By donating yourself a Lava Hound from an alt account, you can save yourself quite a bit of training time. Having only two Dark Barracks is the biggest time limiter of the Balloon/Minion/Lava Hound combination, so donating a Lava Hound can save a large amount of training time.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 5 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

Town Hall 5 is a big upgrade for players of Clash of Clans, as many new structures and upgrades are introduced at this Town Hall level. In this guide to upgrade order and priority, we will discuss which upgrades to get first at Town Hall 5.

Some players will have two builders and some players will have three builders going into Town Hall 5. If you only have two builders, be sure to unlock the 450 gem achievement for reaching 1250 trophies as a top priority. Getting this third builder is a necessity if you value fast and efficient base leveling. Pushing up in trophies can be done easily simply by attacking and skipping bases until you find one with a Town Hall off in the corner. You can kill (snipe) these Town Halls over and over again until you reach 1250 trophies. You can then drop down to a more appropriate trophy count for TH5 (700-1,000 trophies).

For the purposes of this guide, I will assume you have two builders to start with and that you will unlock your third builder at some point during Town Hall 5. If you already have three builders, have your third builder start on the items in the Task List lower in this article while your first two builders can start on your highest priority structures.

TH5 Highest Priority Upgrades and Structures

At Town Hall 5, these structures take higher priority over any others. Upon completing these upgrades, work on the secondary task list lower in this guide in order.

Builder 1. Laboratory –> Spell Factory

Your first builder should start upgrading the Laboratory as soon as Town Hall 5 completes. The Laboratory’s upgrades are the biggest increase in strength you get at this level. Start with Barbarian level 3 research and follow up with Archer level 3. These unit upgrades will make a huge difference in your farming ability.

As soon as this builder finishes the Laboratory, you can start building the Spell Factory. While a single Lightning Spell is not terribly useful at this level, it can still be used to take out Clan Castle units should the situation deem it necessary.

Builder 2. New Walls –> New Army Camp –> Army Camp Upgrades

The second builder should dump all excess gold into walls and then focus on Army Camps. First, start the new Army Camp and do not stop upgrading it with this builder until it is maxed out. Keep this builder on Army Camp duty, upgrading the two previously existing Army Camps to their new max level. This will bring the supply count of your army to 135, massively improving your strength compared to Town Hall 4 players.

Second Priority Tasks at TH5

After the two builders (if you have a third builder, start here with it) have finished up their work, start working through these tasks in order.

Task #1. New Towers & Base Layout

At Town Hall 5, you get a new Cannon, Archer Tower, and Wizard Tower. Build each one, in that order. Once you start constructing the Wizard Tower, rearrange your base to an appropriate Town Hall 5 base layout.

Task #2. Upgrade Barracks

Take one builder and start upgrading your Barracks to their maximum level. Just use one builder for this purpose, as if you upgrade too many Barracks at once, it will be difficult to produce units to farm.

Task #3. Upgrade Defensive Towers, Starting With New Towers

As your Barracks are being upgraded, take your remaining builder(s) and upgrade defensive towers. Start with the new towers, as the quick upgrades to the Cannon and Archer Tower will result in the largest increases in strength. You will want to fully upgrade all defensive towers before upgrading to Town Hall 6.

Task #4. Upgrade Remaining Structures

Upgrade any remaining structures, walls, and research if you have not done so already. This includes resource storage buildings. Start Town Hall 6. While Town Hall 6 is being upgraded, if your builders become free, you can upgrade Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors. You do not have to max out Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors before moving on to Town Hall 6.

Quick Note About Walls

Walls should be upgraded throughout the entire Town Hall 5 leveling process. Towers and structures cost far less than the gold or elixir cap; you can farm until your resources are capped when your builders are busy, then as one builder becomes available, you can spend all excess resources on walls (saving just enough to start the next upgrade without delay). You should be able to max walls before your structures if you do this regularly.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 6 Upgrade Order Priority Guide

In Clash of Clans, Town Hall 6 is one of the more uneventful Town Hall levels. With very few new structures, it makes this upgrade priority guide very straightforward and easy to follow. Most players should have 3 builders by Town Hall 6, so the guide assumes this builder count.

Each builder should follow the recommended pathway below. When these high-priority Town Hall 6 upgrades are finished, those builders can then start working on the “tasks” listed later in this article, completing each task in order before moving on to the next task.

Builder #1. Laboratory –> Army Camp #2

The first builder should immediately begin work on upgrading the Laboratory. Researching new tiers of units is the biggest timesink at Town Hall 6, so it is important to upgrade the lab and start this research right away.

As soon as this builder is finished upgrading the lab, start researching one of the newly available unit upgrades. Have this builder then begin to upgrade one of the army camps up to the new max level (6).

Builder #2. Spell Factory –> Army Camp #3

The second builder should focus on upgrading the Spell Factory from level 1 to level 2. This will give the player access to the Healing Spell as well as allow the player to create two spells instead of just one. Healing Spells will significantly increase your farming capabilities and will make it easier to farm resources, which is why the Spell Factory is high on this list.

As soon as the Spell Factory is finished, this builder should then begin working on upgrading the final Army Camp to level 6.

Builder #3. Place New Walls –> Upgrade Army Camp #1 –> Upgrade Clan Castle

The third builder should begin work at Town Hall 6 by placing the new walls. Since all the upgrades we are focusing on first cost Elixir, it may be useful to dump some gold into these new walls and upgrade them a few levels.

As soon as the walls are placed, start upgrading the first Army Camp to level 6. Army Camps are a high-priority upgrade since the extra supply count will noticeably improve the strength of your attacks.

After the Army Camp is finished upgrading, have this builder start upgrading the Clan Castle. The extra 5 supply count offered by the upgraded Clan Castle will improve both offense and defense noticeably.

After High Priority TH6 Upgrades

As soon as each builder finishes his high-priority tasks above, start working on the tasks below, going through them in order.

Task #1. Adding New Towers & Rearrange Base

Players get access to a new Mortar and Wizard Tower at Town Hall 6. Start constructing these two towers. As soon as construction on these two towers has started, rearrange your base to match my recommended Town Hall 6 Base Layout.

Task #2. Upgrading Barracks

After adding your new towers, take one builder and have this builder focus on upgrading all Barracks to the new maximum level. I recommend only having 1 builder dedicated to this task at a time as Barracks are unable to produce units while upgrading. If you have all of your Barracks upgrading at the same time, you will not be able to farm. Have your remaining builders start on Task #3.

Task #3. Upgrading Defensive Towers

Once you have completed the rest of the upgrades laid out in this guide, you can start upgrading defensive towers. Upgrading defensive towers at TH6 is not a very high priority, as it is very hard to defend your resources at TH6 no matter what level your defensive towers are at. The reason is that TH7 players have much larger army sizes and a new round of powerful unit upgrades that make it easy for even a Barbarian/Archer combo with no spells to wipe a TH6 player.

Farming at TH6 is more about taking resources rather than protecting the resources you already have, so tower upgrades are a low priority.

Task #4. Building and Upgrading Remaining Structures

As you finish upgrading, your towers, you should start your Town Hall 7 upgrade. While upgrading to Town Hall 7, finish off any buildings that are not upgraded yet. This includes things like your Elixir and Gold Storage as well as your new Gold Mine and Elixir Collector. Use this time to finish maxing out walls if you have not done so already.

Do not worry about maxing out your Gold Mines and Elixir Collectors before moving on to Town Hall 6. Max out everything else, and then move on to TH6.

What About Walls?

Ideally, you will be upgrading walls throughout this entire process. While all of your builders are busy, you should be able to farm up close to the resource cap. As a builder becomes available, you can note how much you need to start that builder’s next upgrade, and before starting the upgrade, spend the rest of your remaining resources upgrading walls.

If you make an effort to ensure that builders do not finish structures at the exact same time, you can repeat this process of maxing out your resources and then spending on walls many times over. This way, you never have to have a dedicated time period to just farming for walls during Town Hall 6.

Clash of Clans Upgrade Order and Priority Guide

When upgrading to a new Town Hall level in Clash of Clans, players must choose which buildings and upgrades they want to work on first. With only a few builders and often many options to choose from, there are many directions players can go when reaching a new Town Hall level. In this guide, I lay out the the best upgrade order for progressing through each Town Hall level, leading to a smoother transition and more efficient leveling process.

Click on any of the links above to be taken to the upgrade order guide for that specific Town Hall level. Below, I will provide some general strategies on what to focus on first.

Clash of Clans Upgrade Order Guide: General Rules

At most Town Hall levels, there are a few buildings or upgrade types that take priority over all other structures. Understanding these general rules will give you a good idea of the best upgrades to get at all Town Hall levels. The rules tend to be less rigid at Town Hall 9 and Town Hall 10, as the high cost of upgrades changes the rules a bit.

Upgrade Priority #1: Laboratory

At any Town Hall level, your top priority should be to upgrade the Laboratory. Upgrading units via research is the easiest and most effective way to increase your farming and war capabilities. Not only that, but research is often the most time-intensive step of a given Town Hall level. Upgrading the Laboratory early ensures you have enough time to complete your research by the time you move on to the next Town Hall level.

Upgrade Priority #2: New Barracks & New Army Camps

While your first builder can work on the Laboratory, any other free builders should start building any new Barracks or Army Camps that may have unlocked (only a few Town Halls add extra Barracks and Army Camps). This does not refer to upgrading old Army Camps or Barracks, but rather new ones. Adding a new Barracks or Army Camp significantly improves production and capacity respectively, significantly improving your farming abilities.

Upgrade Priority #3: Spell Factory & Army Camp Upgrades

After the Laboratory and new Barracks and Army Camps, the third priority task should be upgrading the Spell Factory and any Army Camps that are not max level. The reason for upgrading these relatively early is that upgrading either of these structures will increase your offensive capabilities, improving your farming and war capabilities.

At high levels (TH9+), upgrading your Army Camps this early is not only not recommended, but not practical given the high cost and long build time. While you will still upgrade the Army Camps before upgrading old towers, you may find it easier to build some of the “priority 4” structures before upgrading all your camps.

Upgrade Priority #4: New Towers, New Walls, Storage Structures, and Dark Elixir Drills

After maxing out your offensive capabilities, it is time to start upgrading your defensive capabilities. The fastest way to improve your defensive skills is to add on new towers, complete their early upgrades (especially for the Cannon and Archer Tower), add new walls (do not max walls out at this step), and build additional storage structures.

Adding additional storage structures (gold and elixir storage) is actually more beneficial than most players realize. The amount of resources an opponent can steal is capped, so with additional storage structures, it becomes more difficult for the opponent to get access to all of your resources.

In this upgrade tier we will also include the Dark Elixir Drills. I like to upgrade these as a fairly high priority, given that Dark Elixir is a very limited resource and the drills produce quite a bit of it.

Upgrade Priority #5: Old Towers

After going for the easy and fast addition of new towers and walls, you should be ready to set up a good base layout for your new Town Hall. After you do that, you can start upgrading your existing defensive structures to their next levels. Be sure not to upgrade more than one Air Defense tower at a time; doing so will make you very vulnerable to enemy air attacks.

Upgrade Priority #6: Everything Else

At this point, you can upgrade your remaining structures as the resources become available. This includes things like leveling up your Barracks or Dark Barracks to the max level, upgrading resource collectors, and upgrading walls. These are all low-priority tasks that you can do as you get the resources.

Clash of Clans Town Hall 7 Upgrade Order Guide: TH7 Priorities

Going from Town Hall 6 to Town Hall 7 is one of the biggest upgrades in Clash of Clans. This Town Hall level brings with it a huge number of new towers and upgrades, often leading players to a lot of confusion and indecision over which building or upgrade to get first. In this guide, we will be discussing which upgrades should get priority and what exactly you should be focusing on first to maximize your advancement through this Town Hall level.

Builder #1: Laboratory –> Spell Factory

Your first free builder should be used to start the Laboratory upgrade. The level 5 Laboratory unlocked at Town Hall 7 is capable of researching level 4 upgrades for most of your core units, making it your most important upgrade at Town Hall 7.

Once this first builder is done upgrading the Laboratory, start level 4 Archer or Barbarians as your first priority for Elixir spending. Once you start that upgrade and have enough spare elixir, take this newly freed builder and start upgrading the Spell Factory.

Builder #2: Army Camp –> Barracks –> Barracks Level 2 –> Army Camp Upgrades

At Town Hall 7, you get a new Army Camp. This additional Army Camp is one of the easiest ways to increase your offensive firepower. Build this new Army Camp as your second order of business after starting your Laboratory.

This new Army Camp will only take a few minutes to build. Once it finishes, use the newly freed builder #2 to start your new Barracks. Upgrade this Barracks to level 2. This will not take very long. This Barracks will now be able to significantly boost production and pump out Archers or Barbarians to help you farm faster.

As soon as the level 2 Barracks finishes, take Builder #2 and go back to the new Army Camp. Do not stop upgrading the Army Camp with this builder until the Army Camp is maxed out.

Builder #3: Walls –> Dark Elixir Storage

Given that your builders will be working on elixir-based upgrades for awhile, you should start to build up a lot of gold. Before starting any structures with your third builder, go ahead and place all of your new walls at Town Hall 7. You get 50 new walls at TH7, so there should be plenty to spend your gold on here.

After placing your walls, use this builder to start your Dark Elixir Storage. While it may seem strange to place this non-offensive building as a top priority, understand that without it, you actually cannot collect or store Dark Elixir. You will want to start saving for your Barbarian King (and its upgrades) as soon as possible going into Town Hall 7, so it is important to get this storage structure down as soon as possible.

Town Hall 7 Upgrade Priority: The Next Tasks

If you have more than 3 builders, you can start on this section right away with your 4th builder. Otherwise, when the 3 builders above complete their most important tasks, they can move on to this section. Note that some builders will get here sooner than the others (namely builder #3). This is intentional; once the Dark Elixir storage structure is down, we need to work towards protecting it.

Task #1. Place all level 1 towers and traps aside from the Hidden Tesla.

At Town Hall 7, players get 2 new Cannons, 1 new Archer Tower, 1 new Mortar, 1 new Air Defense, and a number of new traps. Place all of these structures and traps. Do not worry about upgrades; just build the new structures. It only takes around 14 hours of build time to complete all of these towers. Hidden Tesla towers will come later; they take too long to build to start now.

Task #2. Rearrange your base to a great TH7 defense. 

Now that you have all of your structures down (aside from the Hidden Tesla towers), it is time to rearrange your base to something more appropriate for a Town Hall 7 player. Check my Town Hall 7 Base Layout Guide for details.

We will not have a Barbarian King or the HIdden Tesla towers yet, but this is okay. Place a gold mine or storage structure in the Barbarian King’s slot and leave the Hidden Tesla’s slot open. Your would-be opponent has no idea whether or not you have Hidden Tesla towers yet, so no loss there.

Task #3. Upgrade all basic towers to their maximum level that requires less than 1 day of building time.

Next, work on getting all upgrades for your brand-new towers that require less than 1 day of building time. This will result in the fastest increase in your defensive capabilities versus upgrading old towers.

Task #4. Upgrade your Dark Elixir Storage.

While you will be no where near maxing out on your Dark Elixir Storage space this early into leveling up, upgrading your Dark Elixir Storage serves another purpose: it increases the health of this structure.

Consider that loot stolen is a percentage of damage dealt, and that the first 10%-20% of the damage dealt to a Dark Elixir Storage structure results in little loot for the attacker. Increasing the health of the Dark Elixir Storage means that 300 damage dealt to this structure will result in less loot being taken by the opponent.

When would just 300 damage be dealt to this structure? From a Lightning Spell of course! Upgrading your Dark Elixir storage structure actually offers a significant reduction in the amount of Dark Elixir stolen during Lightning Spell attacks – as much as 20-30% less loot stolen if you are not carrying much in the first place! This style of attack is extremely common – you will be surprised how much Dark Elixir you save in the long-run by maxing our your DE Storage.

Task #5. Place your Hidden Tesla Towers.

After placing all of your new towers, getting early upgrades on those towers, and setting up a TH7 defense, you are now ready to add your Hidden Tesla towers. Start building them as you save enough gold.

Task #6. Pull 1 Builder for Barracks & Dark Barracks Upgrade Duty

You should strive to upgrade all of your Barracks to level 9 during your time at Town Hall 7. However, if you upgrade too many Barracks at once, your production will be so low it will be hard to raid. It is easiest to just pull 1 builder at this point and have this builder always upgrading Barracks. It will take about 3 weeks to max out all 4 Barracks, but it is worth it.

When this builder finishes upgrading all of the regular Barracks, have this builder start on the Dark Barracks. When the Dark Barracks is finished, have this same builder upgrade it to level 2.

Note: Only upgrade the Barracks as you have the spare Elixir. Upgrading units at the Laboratory still takes precedence.

Task #7 (Final). Upgrade existing defensive structures and add additional structures as resources build.

By this point, upgrade priority is not terribly important. Slowly work on maxing out your existing defensive towers. I recommend trying not to upgrade more than 1 Mortar or more than 1 Air Defense at once; upgrading both Air Defense towers or multiple Mortars will leave your base vulnerable to certain attacks.

As your Elixir builds, you can start on the Dark Barracks and upgrade it to level 2. This is a very low priority building as I do not recommend spending Dark Elixir at this level on anything other than the Barbarian King. Speaking of the Barbarian King, the altar should be placed as soon as you get enough Dark Elixir. The king should be upgraded immediately each time you reach the Dark Elixir requirements for the next level.

Walls should be upgraded as your resources build. Never let your resources fully max out; if this is happening, you should be spending some resources on walls as you go along to keep your resources from being wasted.

Your base should be mostly maxed out before moving on to Town Hall 8. The exceptions are Gold Mines, Elixir Collectors, the Barbarian King, and all research that requires Dark Elixir. These do not need to be maxed out in order to move onto Town Hall 8. It is much easier to get Dark Elixir at TH8 as opposed to TH7; you can max out your Barbarian King at TH8 much more readily than TH7. Even at TH8, you will not max our your Dark Elixir research before moving on to TH9.